Alternative Wedding Dresses in Essex

Alternative Wedding Dress

When you think of weddings, you probably think of tradition. Everything from the rings to the dress has usually been influenced by a society in history that viewed the bonding of a couple in a certain light.

For instance, the idea of a circular band being used as a symbol of commitment is thought to have originated from ancient Egyptian times. Sure, we now have more glamorous rings than the braided hemp of the past, but the tradition is the same. However, not every aspect of your wedding has to be soaked in tradition. The Lucy Can’t Dance bridal collection offers brides alternative wedding dresses in Essex so that they have the option of reflecting their own unique style and personality.

People have been getting married for centuries. The union of a woman and a man as recognised by an authority in a ceremony is a tradition that is as old as civilisation itself. At least some form of marriage is found throughout every society in history. It has taken various different forms, but the basics of it have remained fairly fixed; at least until very recently. Now, we are able to celebrate love properly and marry with even fewer limitations. No longer are we constrained to a marriage between a woman and a man. Increasingly it is becoming possible for people to marry their partner regardless of sexual orientation or gender. This is a fantastic step away from tradition and a victory for the romantics out there.

There is no such thing as ‘normal,’ and there never will be. You’re now free to break free from tradition and have the dress that you truly desire. Before detailing our alternative wedding dresses in Essex, it’s useful to look at why brides opt for a wedding dress and where the tradition came from.

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Why do brides wear wedding dresses?

Like with everything, perspectives are dependent on historical context and the views of a particular society. Lucy Can’t Dance is a British company located in Chelmsford, so our perspective of what is traditional will differ from someone in somewhere like India or China. Even within a Western wedding, the ceremonial importance of the gown will be dependent upon the culture and religion of the couple. In general, the current Western image of a traditional wedding gown is a long one-piece in a shade of white. You may be wondering why this is the case. Unfortunately, not every aspect of wedding history is romantic. 

During the Middle Ages, weddings weren’t simply a union between two people. Instead, they were a union of families, businesses or even countries. It was more of a business transaction than an amorous affair. Consequently, brides had to dress the part. They weren’t just representing themselves during their wedding ceremony, but their family and their place in society. Their wedding dress had to help cast their family in a positive light. Brides from richer families would wear lavish fabrics and bold colours, all in an attempt to raise the esteem of their family.

Interestingly, the ‘traditional’ image of a wedding dress hasn’t really been around all that long. Before the Victorian era, it was actually more common for brides to wear blue. Queen Victoria started the long-lasting trend of the white wedding dress less than two hundred years ago. However, it’s lasted well into the twenty-first century. We believe that tradition is overrated.

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Alternative wedding dresses

It’s now 2019. Brides aren’t a representation of a family in a business transaction. They are an individual. They’re making the choice to share their lives with a partner, but they are by no means losing a part of themselves in the process. If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing giant ball-gowns, why should you have to force yourself into one for a day? Why should you have to pay for the ‘pleasure’ of it? The answer is simple; you don’t have to. Brides now have the luxury of choice in all elements of their wedding. There is no need for a huge church event; you can have whatever you want. That freedom should definitely extend towards your dress. Thankfully, there are now options galore for unique brides who want something special.

Alternative wedding dresses help brides to break the mould and have the wedding outfit of their dreams. You now have the choice between a variety of styles, lengths and colours. It doesn’t even have to be a one-piece dress. Alternative brides can opt for a suit, a two-piece or even a jumpsuit.

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Lucy Can’t Dance wedding dresses

Lucy Can’t Dance are here for non-traditional brides. If you don’t like the idea of a traditional wedding dress and hate white, we offer the perfect solution for you. Our alternative wedding dresses in Essex mean that you don’t have to compromise on your wedding day. You’ll look stunning in a quirky wedding dress that is unique yet elegant. We take inspiration from alternative, BOHO and vintage styles. So, you can be sure that you’re getting a one of a kind dress that won’t be found in the average bridal boutique.

Each one of our fabulous wedding dresses is handmade in our studio. If you’re non-traditional, bespoke is definitely the way to go. Our brides get to waltz down the aisle in a gown or outfit that has been made to their exact measurements. If you opt for an alternative wedding dress in Essex and can make it down to our studio, we can use an appointment to establish what exactly you want. Lucy can alter any dress to meet your exact desires. You can even mix and match aspects of various dresses. Any fabrics, colours, sleeves and shapes can be altered so that you feel like a Queen on your special day.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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