Lucy Can't Dance Covid-19 Guidelines

Keeping our brides and staff safe at all times is the most important things to us.

We are eager and looking forward to getting all of you in for your appointments, but it is imperative that we follow the government guidelines and ensure that we play our part in controlling this virus.

Therefore, we have put together a lovely list of guidelines for our brides to read before coming in for an appointment. It is of upmost importance to us that you read and follow these guidelines for the foreseeable future. These guidelines will be updated regularly, following government advice.

A massive thanks in advance for your understanding, co-operation and support whilst we try to establish our new “normal”.

Please sanatise your hands at Lucy Can't Dance
Number 1

If you, your guest or anyone in your household have the following symptoms, please do not attend your appointment:


Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you experience any of these symptoms so that we can cancel and rearrange your appointment. It is imperative that you adhere to this, as we are a small team and a positive coronavirus test could potentially take down our whole operation!

Number 2

A maximum of three guests per bride permitted during your appointment.

We have invested In Zoom to enable all of your bridal party to take part in your appointment virtually. If you would like to utilise this, please let us know in advance so that we can schedule a meeting and give you the link to pass on to your tribe.

Number 3

Please do not arrive early for your appointment.

We appreciate that a lot of our brides travel far to visit us, however due to the cleaning process that must now take place between each appointment, it is very important that you only arrive at your allocated time. This allows us to maintain a safe environment for everyone. If you arrive earlier than your allocated time you will be asked to return later. There are beautiful Cathedral grounds opposite the studio for you to chill out if you arrive early.

Number 4

You will be required to sanitise your hands several times during the appointment.

We will greet you with antibacterial hand gel at the door and will prompt you several times during your appointment to re-gel. This is part of our staff safety guidelines that we must adhere to. Please be co-operative with us as we have our brides and our staff’s best interests at heart! If for any reason you cannot use antibacterial gel, we also have hand wash available.

Number 5

Please maintain the 2 metres social distancing where possible.

There will be periods during your appointment where a member of our team will have to help you into your dress. We will work to keep contact time to a minimum and have formed our own set out guidelines for this. At all other periods during the appointment time, we ask that the 2-metre rule is upheld.

Number 6

Avoid sharing vehicles for your journey to Lucy Can’t Dance.

Avoid sharing vehicles except within a family, for example on test drives. If it is not possible, keep the number of people in the vehicle to a minimum and as distanced within the vehicle space as possible, and use other safety measures such as ensuring good ventilation.

Number 7

PLEASE WEAR A MASK & Use your own initiative to keep yourself safe.

Although we can do everything our end to maintain a safe environment, we ask that you take control of your own health. If you are vulnerable to COVID-19 for any reason, we ask that you perform your own assessment as to whether it is the right time to come in for your dress appointment, or whether it is safer to postpone until a later time.

Take care and stay safe.