Bohemian Wedding Dresses - All the rage!

Boho Wedding Dresses are all the rage

We’re right in the middle of wedding season, so it’s the perfect time to start planning for that 2020 wedding. Now, we know that will fill some people with dread. Maybe you’ve never been the person who has dreamed of a big ceremony? Perhaps you have feelings of anxiety rather than excitement when it comes to choosing a dress? That’s a totally valid way to feel. Not everyone wants the big white wedding and elaborate princess gown. Thankfully, it’s 2019 and brides have more choices now than ever before. If you live in a fashion capital like London, you’ve really lucked out as the sky's the limit. Our bohemian wedding dresses in London will make even the most alternative brides feel beautiful on their special day.

Get married your way

Even a couple of decades ago, weddings were almost solemn affairs for some brides. Being forced into a dress chosen by your mum and awkwardly shuffling down the aisle of a church certainly isn’t our idea of a good time. Thankfully, our fixation on tradition has evolved. Now, couples can get married to whoever they want (within reason), in a location of their choosing, wearing whatever they want. Do you want to get married in an animal reserve? Easy. Do you want to get married on a rollercoaster? It can be done. Couples now have the opportunity to have the exact wedding of their dreams.

The same can be said of wedding dresses. We know it may seem like bridal shops only stock silk a-line gowns or ornate ball gowns; but we promise you that isn’t the case. Designers have taken note of the needs of alternative and non-traditional brides. You can wear a dress that you feel gorgeous in, rather than one that others tell you that you look gorgeous in. Lucy Can’t Dance have a range of stunning bohemian wedding dresses that London brides will love.

Perfect bohemian wedding dress

What makes for a Bohemian Wedding Dress?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this page looking for an alternative dress, but you aren’t quite sure what it meant by a bohemian dress. No worries; we’ve got you covered. Think romantic detailing, graceful flowing lines and lace, and you’ll probably get an idea of what the bohemian style is all about. A bohemian wedding dress is whimsically stylish with a soft elegance. A bride wearing a bohemian wedding dress in London will look dreamy and like they could float down the aisle. This probably hasn’t given you a nice and easy definition, but in many ways that is the point of the bohemian look. It’s creative and adaptable.

Bohemian as a style was originally influenced by a group of travellers from central Europe (with the name originating from the French term to describe Romani travellers). The bohemian style reflects this unconventional way of living. Realistically, the modern iteration has been largely inspired by the 1960s. This is when bohemian as a fashion really came into its own, parallel to the sudden boom in hippy culture. Free-flowing fabrics and elaborate patterning became all the range. To match the more liberal inspirations of this style of fashion, bohemian dresses don't have hard and fast rules. It’s a more playful and unique way of dressing.

Bohemian brides have the luxury of choice and flexibility

The point is to have a dress that puts you in harmony with yourself and nature. So, you need a designer that is happy to give you exactly the dress you want. Thankfully, Lucy Can’t Dance offers this to brides throughout the UK. Our bohemian wedding dresses in London are adaptable so that you can have the dress of your dreams.

Woodland bohemian wedding dress

Lucy Can’t Dance Bohemian Wedding Dresses

There are a range of stunning bohemian wedding dresses in the Lucy Can’t Dance collection. No matter how glitzy, elegant, simple or unique you want to look on your day; Lucy Can’t Dance has the perfect dress for you. Our dresses have been specially made for those brides who want a more alternative look on their wedding day, but they will suit anyone. We guarantee that you will look effortlessly beautiful.

With an appointment at our studio, you won’t have to make any compromises on your dream gown. Dresses can be mixed and matched at your leisure. There are a range of customisation options that can be applied to your gown; ranging from changing the length to changing the colour. We have a variety of tops and skirts that can be matched together so that you can have the perfect look for you.

If you don’t live close enough to make use of the opportunity to try on our bohemian wedding dresses in London; fear not. You can browse our website and select a dress to be made to order. For an extra fee, we can also offer made to measure gowns via our online store. We’ll give you the details on how to measure yourself so that you have a dress that fits you perfectly. Lucy Can’t Dance are happy to adapt designs online, as well as in-store. If you want to change colours, shapes, sleeve lengths or necklines, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help and offer guidance.

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