Coloured Wedding Dresses from Chelmsford

Orange coloured wedding dress

A white ball gown with a full-length dramatic skirt that is the embodiment of tradition. A white mermaid cut dress embellished with plenty of sparkles for the modern bride wanting to show-off their figure.

A simple white A-line gown that is both classic and elegant. These are the dresses that probably spring to mind whenever someone mentions ‘wedding dresses.’ Well, we’re here to tell quirky brides that these are not the only options. You don’t have to settle for an out-of-date ‘tradition’. The Lucy Can’t Dance bridal collection features a range of stunning coloured wedding dresses in Chelmsford.

It’s a common cliché to assume that every young person dreams of their wedding day. It’s even more common to assume that the wedding that they dream of is a big white wedding. It’s true that some brides desire a stunning white gown; this is something that we are delighted to cater to.

However, there is an increasing number of non-traditional brides that have never dreamed of walking down the aisle in a white fit and flare dress. For them, dress shopping can seem a bit of a nightmare. They are presented with racks of traditional white dresses, and a shop assistant who wants to rush said bride through an awkward appointment. This is something that Lucy Can’t Dance brides won’t have to worry about, our studio appointments offer literally the polar opposite experience.

However, it does beg the question; why is this the current norm? Who decided that wedding dresses should be white?

White cowboy inspired wedding dress

Why are most modern wedding dresses white?

Technically, it’s Queen Victoria's fault. When she married Prince Albert back in 1840, she wore an intricate ivory gown that was full of petticoats and ostentatious embellishments. In portraits and records, this ivory gown is often painted to be a white dress.

The British people definitely romanticised the relationship of the Queen and her consort. It’s regarded as the big ‘love story’ of the British monarchy. So enthralled were her people, that they all sought to copy her gown. Thus prompting the sudden popularity of white wedding gowns.

“white wedding dresses had always been the emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood” 

Really, the history of wedding dresses is surprisingly short. It was never a tradition to wear white nor was it seen as a symbol of purity; at least before this point. Instead, it was seen as a way of showing you have money. White dresses are hard to care for and by having a white gown you were showing that you had the money to keep it in good condition.

The idea that white dresses are a symbol of purity and romance is a clever piece of marketing and largely a revisionist history. Magazines from the Victorian era claimed that white dresses had “always been the emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood,” and so that became the new truth of that era and ours. White wedding dresses were no longer a symbol of wealth, but one of virginity and innocence.

Modern coloured wedding dresses

Wedding Attire Now

We’ve progressed in many ways socially, yet the idea that a white dress is traditional still remains. Fair enough, white gowns can be absolutely gorgeous if that’s what you’re looking for. They are a great way of easily standing out in a crowd, and they do scream ‘special occasion’ purely because there is a romantic history attached, albeit a shorter one than assumed. Not to mention, they do look fantastic in photographs.

For brides wanting a unique white dress, there is a range of great options available from the Lucy Can’t Dance bridal collection. Just because you opt for a traditional colour, doesn’t mean you can’t also show off your own quirky style.
However, what if you do want a dress that is as bright and colourful as your personality?

What options are available for you?

Blue coloured wedding dress

Coloured Wedding Dresses

The Lucy Can’t Dance bridal collection features a variety of stunning coloured wedding dresses from our Chelmsford studio. Non-traditional brides have the option of having the dress that they’ve always wanted, instead of settling for a white dress that is just fine. In particular, we have a range of gorgeous ombre gowns that allow non-traditional brides to display their unique sense of style. It’s a fantastic way of incorporating a much-needed splash of colour into any bridal look.

With our ombre wedding dresses, you can opt for a more subtle blending of colours or a brighter and bolder look. The choice is yours. This means that you can have a dress that perfectly displays your personality.

Ombre wedding dress

Each dress from the Lucy Can’t Dance collection is handmade and perfectly tailored to fit any bride, regardless of their size or the style they opt for. A range of coloured wedding dresses can be seen in our collection, and these can be ordered online if you are not located near our studio.

For brides who would like to meet with Lucy to view our coloured wedding dresses in Chelmsford, and try on as many they would like, all you need to do is book an appointment. Everyone is welcome, and we can’t wait to help you pick out your dream gown!

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