How to Choose the Right Shoes to Wear with your Wedding Dress

Colourful wedding shoes being showcased on an orange carpet

So, you’ve settled on your dream wedding dress. Now it’s time to accessorise. And what’s the most important accessory of them all? The shoes, of course! But where to start?

Bridal shoes have all sorts of boxes to tick. Not only do they need to complement your frock, they’ve also got to suit you and the setting, AND they’ve got to be all-day wearable. Because no bride wants to be sticking-plaster clad by the end of the night.

So, where to start and what to consider when buying bridal shoes? Let’s shed some light on choosing wedding footwear.

With wedding shoes, personality counts for everything

There is absolutely no point choosing shoes that just don’t suit who you are. If you’re not a white-satin-stiletto kind of girl, or simply never wear heels EVER, then avoid, avoid, avoid. You’ll want to feel comfortable and ease with yourself, and if you’re not used to walking in heels, you might end up a bit red faced. So go integrity! Flats; lace-ups; sandals; platforms; wedges, pumps – it’s your call. If it says ‘you’, then roll with it. Remember, it’s YOUR day!

“There is absolutely no point choosing shoes that just don’t suit who you are.”

Get the wedding shoes working with the theme

Theming your wedding? Excellent. So now all you need to do is choose shoes that fit the mood. 1930s, 40s or 50s inspired shoes work brilliantly with vintage weddings. Just do a search for replica shoes of your chosen era and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Beach wedding? Then it’s got to be barefoot sandals. Understated, elegant and oh-so-sand-practical, you’ll find plenty to love about this footwear option and, if you love a bit of sparkle, go for a bit of crystal-encrusted magic and watch them dazzle in the sunshine.

Festival wedding? Cowboy boots or wellies are the in-thing. And you know, they don’t have to be plain Jane, not in the least. Just do a search for ‘wedding wellies’ and prepared to be impressed!

Blue fabric wedding shoes

Match the wedding shoes with the dress

Probably the most straightforward piece of advice you’re going to get. Naturally, you’ll want some sort of harmony going on between your gown and your footwear. Options include an exact match, although this can go very wrong if you don’t get it spot-on perfect with the colours. Two shades just out of sync can sometimes look worse than a total mismatch.

To avoid such a scenario, either go neutral with the shoes (the safe route), or throw caution to the wind and go all-out statement. Think white dress + the brightest magenta shoes, or any pastel shade + its most intense colour partner. Imagine a pale lilac gown, punctuated with a pair of the brightest purple shoes. Wow! And of course you can daub the same colour elsewhere too with perhaps a belt, purse or gloves.

Consider your fabric

Traditional brides usually opt to match the fabric of the dress with the fabric of the shoe, so satin, crepe or silk. But not everyone can be labelled a traditional bride. If you want to achieve a more unique look, maybe go for leather or leather look, or even something with a metallic finish.

Just remember, some types of material might start to rub or pinch. Vinyl and plastic are typical for this sort of thing, plus they don’t breathe too well either, which might cause your feet to swell. Not the sort of thing you want to happen on your wedding day. So, give the material some serious thought, because your comfort is as important as your look. Which takes us on to the next point.

Think comfort

Weddings mean long days. You’ll be on your feet a fair bit, and maybe on the dance floor for a stint too. And you definitely don’t want your wedding photos highlighting a grimacing face! For this reason, comfort means everything. Here’s what to think about.

Heels – only wear them, like we said, if you are used to them. Otherwise, choose a heel height that you know and love, or no heel at all. If you are not used to heels, but you are intent on wearing them, be sure to break them in ahead of your big day so you have time to get used to them. Wedges are a great idea if you want to achieve some height but fancy a bit more stability and comfort. Chunkier heels will also help in this respect.

Shape – pointy toes rarely spell comfort, again especially if you are not used to them, Open toes used to be a no-go for wedding ceremonies, but that’s all in the past now. If sandals are your thing and you like to get a bit of air to your toes, go for it. Otherwise, choose a rounded toe style that gives you a bit of space to move your toes about.

Don’t leave it too late

Never leave buying your shoes till the last minute. The best piece of advice you can take is to have your bridal shoes in the bag ready for your dress fittings. That way, you can be sure your gown length is perfectly adjusted to suit the height you’ll be in your wedding shoes. If you can’t do this then wear something of a similar heel height.

It’s also a wise idea to sort your footwear in advance so you have time to wear it in around the house. That way you’ll be able to make sure your bridal shoes are comfortable and ready to carry you elegantly down the aisle.

“The best advice you can take is to have your bridal shoes ready in the bag ready for your dress fittings.”

Looking for something different with your bridal shoes?

If you’re more of an alternative bride, why not take a look at the Lucy Can’t Dance shoes and accessories collection? It’s a place where style, edge and comfort all come together to offer something truly unique.

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