Lace Wedding Dresses in London

Lace Wedding Dress in a woodland scene

Picture your ideal romantic wedding. What does it feature? Perhaps a colour scheme with a combination of deep shades of red? Maybe it takes place in a candlelit oak barn, or on a quiet beach?

It’s often the case that alternative brides want a touch of romance, but don’t want to compromise by forcing themselves into a ‘romantic’ princess ball gown. We’re here to tell that you don’t have to. If you’re wanting a classic vintage look that isn’t too ‘weddingy,’ a lace wedding dress could be the perfect solution. It’s a romantic yet traditional look that can be altered to suit brides with a more unique sense of style.

Being an alternative bride doesn’t mean you can’t also adopt some aspects of tradition. Lace wedding dresses scream Golden Age Hollywood glamour. Who doesn’t want to look as stunning as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn on their wedding day? For the more classically romantic brides out there, a lace wedding dress is a perfect union between tradition and alternative styles. Lucy Can’t Dance provide lace wedding dresses in London with a twist. You won’t have to fear that you’ll look like a doily on your wedding day. Instead, you will look a vision. The lace gowns in the Lucy Can’t Dance collection are absolutely stunning but also unique.

Before having a look at our gorgeous range of lace wedding dresses, it’s useful to know about the history of lace wedding gowns. After all, more information makes for better choices and more options.

Retro Lace Wedding Dress

The History of Lace Wedding Dresses

It feels like everything the West deems to be traditional in a wedding dress has come from Queen Victoria. When she got married to Prince Albert in London back in 1840, she arguably started the trend for white weddings. For many brides, this style encapsulates a romantic nostalgia. Not only is she credited for popularising white wedding gowns, but she also had a big impact on how we view lace and how it used on wedding gowns. More than 100 workers are said to have worked for half a year on her lace veil and train. This was actually rather unusual for that time period as machine-made lace had taken prominence and was putting many lace makers out of work. Queen Victoria, however, made sales of Honiton lace boom. She continued to support the Honiton industry by purchasing handmade lace throughout the entirety of her life.

As with any history of a wedding tradition, it does have it’s more quirky elements also. Admittedly, the history of lace in veils is particularly grim and decidedly non-romantic. Among a range of other weird reasons, a bride supposedly used to wear a lace veil so as to ward off demons and so that they were weighed down so they couldn’t run away from their groom. How lovely. Thankfully, that isn’t the case now. Our lace wedding dresses in London are light, airy and gorgeous; rather than a symbolic shackle.

Modern Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dresses Now

Lace wedding dresses are romantic and traditional, while also being great for brides who want to make a statement on their special day. Some of the most stunning and memorable wedding dresses of the past century have had lace. When 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor wore a lace gown by Helen Rose to wed Nicky Hilton, she once again gave prominence to lace. Similarly, the dress that Catherine Middleton wore when marrying Prince William, was a gorgeous yet unique lace wedding dress that captured the imagination of the public. The pattern of her Carrickmacross lace bodice incorporated the shamrock, daffodil, thistle and rose so as to represent the countries within the United Kingdom.

It goes to show that a bride wanting a unique dress can still make use of lace. It’s a gorgeous material that can add that extra special touch to any gown. Thankfully, the Lucy Can’t Dance bridal range features a number of gorgeous lace wedding dresses in London.

Delicate Lace Wedding Dress

The Lucy Can’t Dance Lace Wedding Dresses

The Lucy Can’t Dance studio in Chelmsford (just North-East of London), holds a breathtaking collection of bridal gowns to suit more quirky brides. Despite lace being somewhat traditional, it can still be perfect for non-traditional brides. There is a lot that can be done with lace and it can give you a more unique silhouette. If you’re wanting a more boho or vintage look; lace is absolutely perfect.

Every dress from the Lucy Can’t Dance bridal collection is tailored to the unique style and fit of the individual bride. Each is handmade and customisable so that you are getting the gown that you truly want to wear on your wedding day. If you don’t live near London or Chelmsford, you can view the full range of wedding dresses on our website and order from there. For those who would like a bespoke option, clients can meet Lucy in our Chelmsford studio and try on some of our lace wedding dresses in London. All you need to do is book an appointment, and we will ensure that you leave us with your dream dress.

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