Tattooed Brides: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress to Show off Your Inks

Tattooed BrideYour tattoos are a mark of your personality. For some, tattoos help stir a special memory. For others they represent a stand of defiance against an illness or challenging time. Maybe your tattoos are simply a reflection of your love of art and colour. Whatever your tattoos mean to you, when it comes to your wedding day, it’s got to be the perfect time to put them on show.

So what are we saying? Don’t cover up your tattoos!

Instead, take the opportunity on your wedding day to draw attention to your tattoos and make a feature of them. Plenty of celebs do it after all, and with stunning results. So how to do it? By choosing the perfect wedding dress to complement them of course! Here’s some helpful advice to help you flaunt your inks on the most important day of your life.

“Take the opportunity on your wedding day to draw attention to your tattoos and make a feature of them.”

Bride with a back tattoo

Back tattoos

If it’s your back that’s etched with your inked artworks, be sure to keep it unwrapped. Remember, as you take your vows, all eyes will be on your back. Choose a wedding gown or have one designed for you with a low-slung back that reveals all. Sliced open right down to the waist, V-back dresses are perfect for showing off everything from a single rose to a full back artwork. If your inks extend up your neck line, be sure to go hair-up on the day, and ditch the veil.

Bride with an arm tattoo

Arm and shoulder tattoos

An off-the-shoulder neck line is essential if you are sporting shoulder inks, and short or no sleeves are the way to go if your arms are already sleeved with art. If you’re not a fan of bustier style dresses, or they just don’t suit you, go for ultra-thin spaghetti straps. That way you get the confidence and support, without covering up too much.

Leg work

If you’re a bride with a piece of inked artwork to show off on your lower legs, plump for a shorter wedding gown. A dress that’s longer at the back and shorter at the front does a great job of showing off ankle designs. The cascading effect is oh-so flattering and will also draw the eye to those gorgeous lower front leg and ankle inks. Be sure to choose a wedding shoe that doesn’t cover up any ankle tattoos but instead accentuates them.

Got a tattoo secreted on your thigh? Go daring with your wedding dress and opt for a deep-slashed thigh slit. It’s the perfect tease, offering just a glimpse of your almost-hidden ink.

Bride with a chest tattoo

Getting it off your chest

Or rather get it on your chest! If you have tattoos on your chest or to the front of your shoulders, the perfect wedding dress to show them off is a plunging neckline or a Bardot style gown.

Colour matching

The colours that burst out of tattoos are always especially accentuated by a white dress. White provides a blank canvas style background to really show off your artworks. But you don’t have to go down this route if plain white is just not your style.

The colour wedding dress you choose to complement your inks really depends on the overriding colours of your tattoos. If you’ve gone mostly black and green for example, you could either blend the inks with the dress colour, or go full on contrast with a red dress, red being the direct opposite colour to green. If on the other hand your tattoos are mostly red, you may want to go with a green or even a black dress. You’ll know whether you’re more a contrast or a complement type of bride and what best works for you personally.

And for the ultimate in seamless style? Match your flowers and accessories to the core colours of your inks. That way you really will be making a bold statement that says, hey, I’m unique – and co-ordinated!

“Match your flowers and accessories to the core colours of your inks to make a bold statement.”

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