The beauty of an Unusual Wedding Dress

The beauty of an unusual wedding dress

Why should you have to change yourself so as to fit outdated traditions from over a century ago?

Wedding ceremonies are full of tradition and symbolism. Of course, what is seen as traditional differs depending on country and region. Here in the UK, most of our current wedding traditions date back to Victorian times. Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert is known as one of our history's big romantic stories.

Ever since then, brides have adopted many of the traditions established at this event. All this in the hopes of capturing the same sense of romance. However, not everyone wants that traditional white wedding. It’s 2019; it’s definitely time to move past traditions that are now well over one hundred years old. The Lucy Can’t Dance collection of unusual wedding dresses in Chelmsford are perfect for brides wanting to forgo tradition in exchange for letting their personality shine through their dress.

You don’t have to force yourself into a glitzy princess ballgown. Brides that visit the Lucy Can’t Dance Studio has a range of unique and gorgeous options to choose from. By opting for an unusual wedding dress from our Chelmsford studio, you are choosing a stunning gown or jumpsuit that will make even the quirkiest of brides feel beautiful and comfortable on their special day.

Why should you have to change yourself so as to fit outdated traditions from over a century ago? If you don’t want to wear a big white wedding dress, you don’t have to. By going against the grain, you’ll be more satisfied with your wedding day and the photos that come from it. It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you may as well make your wedding day the best it can be.

Unusual lave wedding dress

What makes for a Traditional Wedding Dress?

It is very well documented that the current version of the traditional wedding dress is down to Queen Victoria. As we mentioned before, it was the big romance of the British monarchy. Arguably, that isn’t saying a lot as that particular institution isn’t exactly renowned for having romantically driven marriages. She wasn’t the first royal to choose a white wedding dress, but her ornate lacy white gown definitely started the trend to white dresses. This is a trend which has lasted as, according to David’s Bridal, 95% of purchased wedding gowns are white. While we now perceive white as a sign of purity, this wasn’t actually the original intent. Back in the Victorian era and for the years following, a white dress was actually a sign of wealth. More than one hundred workers spent half a year adding the ornamentation and embellishments to her dress, which also popularised the use of lace in wedding gowns.

The traditional rhyme that is supposed to give a bride good luck; ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe,’ is also from Victorian times. So, this means that many modern brides accessorise their white gowns with items such as; an old family locket, blue shoes or stitching, new or borrowed jewellery or even a small piece of fabric or ribbon from a family member’s wedding dress.

As it turns out, the Western traditions really haven’t been around all that long in the grand scheme of things. You shouldn’t feel guilty or out of place if you don’t want to cohere to these rules. You can follow or not follow whatever traditions you want. If you originate from another country, you also have a full range of other traditions you could follow. For example, in many other cultures, brightly coloured dresses are the norm. The choice is yours. Our range of unusual wedding dresses from our Chelmsford studio will mean that you can be a non-traditional bride that looks a vision.

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Unusual Wedding Dresses

Thankfully, non-traditional brides now have a range of options available to them. A big church wedding is still a fairly popular choice, but there has been a noticeable decrease in couples opting for this type of ceremony. A number of fantastic wedding dress designers are now offering alternative and unusual wedding dresses. Chelmsford residents can benefit from our studio full of customisable wedding dresses that will perfectly suit the non-traditional bride. However, you maybe be wondering what this kind of dress would look like. An unusual wedding dress could take the form of a bohemian style lace gown, or a long flowing silk skirt dyed ombre blue with a matching lace crop top. The possibilities are endless.

An unusual wedding dress consists of a variety of colours, materials, cuts and styles. Anything that stands out and has that extra wow, could be considered an unusual wedding dress. Chelmsford residents who opt for one of these gowns will have a one of a kind dress that will stun attendees.

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Lucy Can’t Dance Unusual Wedding Dresses

The Lucy Can’t Dance range of unusual wedding dresses in Chelmsford (North-East of London) is perfect for quirky brides who still want to look gorgeous on their wedding day. If you dread the idea of manoeuvring down a small aisle in a gigantic ballgown, then this is the perfect collection for you. Best of all, if you opt for an appointment, you can come down to our studio and mix and match elements of dresses so you can be sure you’ll be wearing a truly unique piece.

Don’t worry if you live nowhere near Chelmsford, the Lucy Can’t Dance range of unusual wedding dresses is available for purchase online on our website. You can browse all of our available styles and individual options for non-traditional brides. Feel free to get in contact if you’d like any more information. We’d be delighted to advise on how you can get your dream dress from us.

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