The Coloured Wedding Dress: Bang on Trend

Coloured Wedding Dresses - Bang on trend for 2019

Are you keen to break tradition and brighten up your wedding day with a wedding dress that veers right off the norm? Then go for a coloured wedding dress, and become a part of the latest trend!

This year there is a trend rumbling away ready for the summer wedding season. That trend is colour, and it’s exciting brides all over the country, because now a kaleidoscope of opportunity literally awaits!

Colour is great for so many reasons. If you’re setting a theme for your wedding, why not get properly involved and extend it to the colour of your wedding dress? White quite simply doesn’t suit everyone. Most people have ‘their colour’ – the shade that they feel best in – the one that makes them look their very best. So why not be a colourful bride?!

A coloured wedding dress livens up the day and creates a huge talking point. Wow! You went for non-white – brave you! It’s different, it’s unique: it’s you!

But wedding dresses should be white, right?

Queen Victoria set the trend in 1840 for the white wedding dress when she married Albert. Before this however white was not a widespread choice for brides. Pre-Victorian era any colour would go including black which was particularly popular in Scandinavia.

So in the scheme of things, white is a fairly recent trend. And one it seems has been well and truly bucked, with big name designers like Vera Wang drawing coloured wedding dresses out into the fashion spotlight once again.

Tequila Sunrise Wedding Dress

Wedding dress colour symbolism

Colours have meaning, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Each hue represents a feeling or emotion, so be sure to bear this in mind when you choose your coloured wedding gown.

“Colours have all sorts of meanings, from innocence, peacefulness and loyalty to love and passion.”

The pink wedding dress… innocence and purity are symbolised by the pink wedding dress, as are love, good life and good health. Flirtatious brides often wear pink to show their femininity.

The red wedding dress… red is the symbol of passion, love, excitement, energy and strength. A red wedding gown is probably the greatest and brightest statement of them all. If you love red but want to down-tone it a bit, opt for dark claret for more of a sophisticated statement.

The purple wedding dress… purple as a colour is connected with royalty and grandeur. It is also symbolic of extravagance, creativity, wisdom, pride, peace, and devotion. Alternative brides tend to have a fondness for purple.

The blue wedding dress… brides who wear blue present an air of peacefulness and tranquillity. Blue is also a symbol of purity, just like water, as well as stability, security and loyalty.

The black wedding dress… not the most obvious choice for a bride, but more common than you might think. Black says classy; elegance; sophistication. It also symbolises wealth, depth, sexuality, mystery and style. There’s no reason to go all black of course; many brides team it with stunning red flower motifs or contrasting accessories to soften the look.

Blue dip dye wedding dress

Wedding dress colour trends

Blue is the colour on the catwalk, with a number of bluey hues having made it into top designers’ collections, from Vera Wang’s powder blue to Leanne Marshall’s ombre offering featuring blue at its core.

Pastels were in the limelight at Bridal Fashion Week in 2018. Reem Acra wowed the crowds with respective pale green and lavender numbers offering something truly different for the brides of 2019.

Blush pink is fast becoming a favourite amongst typically non-traditional millennials, whilst glistening gold is the latest choice for brides who want to go all-out bold and really turn heads with something shimmery and oh-so special.

Colour blending courtesy of the ombre wedding dress is also majoring as a trend. So if you’re not sure that the full-on off-white look is for you, there’s a perfect compromise right there.

“Colour blending courtesy of the ombre wedding dress is also majoring as a trend.”

Ombre wedding dress

Be a colourful bride with help from Lucy Can’t Dance!

If you’re sold on going off-white for your wedding gown, don’t forget, you don’t have to go totally off-spectrum. Blended, dip-dyed colour is just as bold a statement, if not even more so. Have a browse of our wedding gown collections and be inspired by the creative use of colour, then you can think about being that colourful bride, with a splash of uniqueness!

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