The Unique Charm of an Unusual Wedding Dress

Unusual Wedding Dresses

What is normal anyway? When it comes to wedding dresses, ‘normal’ is usually defined as white and long. If you are a bride with a wedding on the horizon and the thought of white and long makes you send out a big sigh then read on as we discover the unique charm of the unusual wedding dress.

Colourful Wedding Dresses

Unusual colours

The white wedding dress is the dream of many brides, but definitely not every bride. If you find yourself thinking ‘anything but white’, there are plenty of colourful wedding dress alternatives for you to explore.

Bold colours… are you a bold and vivacious bride? If you are a fan of big statement splashes of colour and lead a colourful life, why not go all out bold with your wedding dress shade? Your wedding dress needs to reflect your personality and if that can be defined as lively and flamboyant, then don’t hold back with your colour choice. Think vivid magenta, exciting yellow or brilliant blue and pull out all the stops to really dazzle them on your wedding day. Feeling really crazy? Combine the brightest colours you can think of, then stand back and revel in the glow!

Pastel colours… fading into pastel shades is a subtle way to say no to plain white without going all-out rebellious. Pastel doesn’t have to mean block colour though, in fact blending white out into pale yellows, greens, blues and pinks can look really effective, and seriously unique. Some of the most unusual wedding dresses incorporate splashes of pastel colours around the hem, on the inside of a dip hem or on the bodice. Mixing it up is what makes it unusual, and the limit really is your imagination.

Blended colours… taking the blended theme a little further takes us into the realms of the ombre wedding dress. Ombre brings together your favourite colours in a gradient fashion, creating a massively wow factor effect that is right out there on the far perimeter of unusual.

“If you find yourself thinking ANYTHING BUT WHITE, there are plenty of alternatives for you to explore.”

Unusual wedding dress style

Unusual styles

Traditional wedding gowns tend to sit off the shoulders and be long and flared at the waist. Unusual style wedding dresses tend to go the other way.

Think elongated bodices and lower-slung tiers; slinky straight body-hugging numbers with slash-slits; long sleeves; backless or keyhole backs; high lacy necklines that tickle the chin… in other words, take the traditional and turn it on its head. And remember, it’s all about what you feel comfortable and gorgeous in.

Unusual fabrics to use for wedding dresses

Unusual fabrics

Silk and lace all go out of the window in the search for the unusual wedding dress. Metallic fabrics are popular amongst the alternative bride, as are sequins, feathers and fluffy faux fur. Chiffon or tulle in layers are fabulous fabrics for the quirky bride and look stunning paired with wedding wellies or cowboy boots at a festival do.

Unusual wedding dress lengths

Unusual lengths

It doesn’t have to be long. Then again, it doesn’t have to be short. Unusual wedding dresses can be anything in between. The key thing is that it suits you. It suits your shape, it suits your taste and it suits your comfort zone.

Some brides just don’t suit long dresses. For some, a calf-length dress is most flattering. For others, shorter is best. For others still, a dip-hem, where the length cascades down from shorter at the front to longer at the back, is the perfect choice.

If you’re going for a festival wedding, or a beach ceremony, a long wedding dress probably won’t work anyway. Think practical and remember, you can go as unusual as you like length wise, because it’s your day, and it’s your dress.

All out quirky wedding dresses

All out quirkiness!

Combine your unusual colours, your unusual styles, your unusual fabrics and your unusual lengths and what do you get – all out quirkiness!

Quirky fashion can mean anything from ultra-bold colours and wow factor statement prints to feather-floaty skirts, zig-zag stripes and sequins and sparkle. Giant corsage anyone?! Detachable train?

And what about steering off the dress route? How about a jumpsuit or pantsuit for a wide swing outside of traditional? Pair with a super smart tuxedo jacket and bang, there’s a look that’s as unique as you.

“Combine unusual colours, styles, fabrics and lengths for all out quirkiness!”

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