Our Vintage and Alternative Wedding Guide

The Vintage & Alternative wedding guide

You’ve been to a dozen weddings lately that all followed the same theme, or rather, lacked one. So, for your own big day, you are determined to do something different. Your wedding is going to be unique! You’re a lover of vintage style, and have your heart set on an alternative do. So, how to go about planning the ultimate vintage wedding? Read on and all will be revealed…

What is a vintage wedding?

A vintage or alternative wedding is all about creating a ‘feel’. Be it personal, intimate, family, classic, rustic or historically inspired… it’s something that reflects who you are, what you love and what is important to you. Vintage weddings represent a connection to the past; to our heritage and where we came from. They’re all about nostalgia and warm familiarity.

What styles of vintage wedding can I choose from?

There is no set vintage wedding style. It really is about being unique; setting your dreams free and being true to what means most to you.

“There is no set vintage wedding style. It really is about being unique; setting your dreams free and being true to what means most to you.”

The rustic wedding

Rustic vintage style

Passionate about the outdoors and nature? Your vintage wedding could follow a rustic theme. The nostalgia will be all about memories of long childhood summers spent playing in the park or woods, and the mood will bring the whole family together amidst a happy, relaxed atmosphere. Think garden weddings with picnic lunches; barn ceremonies with hay bale pews and laid-back lakeside parties with live music and campfire food.

Rustic vintage weddings blend into their natural surroundings and make the most of nature’s beauty. Imagine tree-canopied arches, wildflower backdrops and ripe, local juicy fruit favours.

Era defining weddings

Era defined weddings

For many brides, the word vintage conjures up images of bygone eras; periods in time that inspire through style and ambience. Some of the most popular era-defined weddings are the roaring 20s, Art Deco 1930s, rock ‘n’ roll 1950s, swinging 60s and glam-rocking or free-bird 70s, all of which have their own very distinctive character.

It’s important not to get too carried away theme wise with an era wedding, because you could wind up with something that resembles a fancy dress do. Instead, introduce subtle details and gentle suggestions of the era into your attire and décor for the ultimate in sophistication. A twist or essence of the period is so much more chic than going all-out to mimic it full-on.

How to plan a vintage alternative wedding?

Here’s where the fun starts! Follow this guide to planning your vintage wedding, and enjoy the ride!

The perfect alternative wedding venue

Choose your venue

Once you’ve decided on your vintage style of choice, you can start looking at venues for your ceremony and reception. Keep an open mind here, and use your imagination. Think outside the box as they say.

The first thing to settle upon is whether you’re going to have separate venues for your ceremony and reception. Think carefully about this, as splitting your venues can impact upon timings, and can sometimes make it more challenging for guests and suppliers to move between the two.

Rustic vintage weddings lend themselves to outdoor venues. Private gardens; farms; fields; meadows; churchyards. If you like the look of something but it’s not advertised as a venue, just ask. You never know what you might be offered!

For the era inspired vintage wedding, look at heritage buildings, hotels or restaurants that echo your favourite period. The more the décor fits with your styling, the less you’ll need to do when it comes to wedding decoration.

Always give consideration to ease of delivery for suppliers and caterers, and of course parking and access for guests of all abilities.

Your wedding attire

Pick your wedding attire

Start by setting a budget, then think about how your wedding gown, groom’s outfit and wedding party attire will fit in with the feel of your day and work in perfect harmony with the décor.

There are plenty of vintage wedding fairs held around the country to help inspire you, so how about visiting one or two? Remember, the alternative wedding is all about you and your personal dreams and desires, so don’t compromise. If you can’t find a wedding dress that really resonates, why not think about having an alternative gown tailored just for you? That way you’ll be able to achieve the style that truly suits you, and your vintage wedding.

“If you can’t find a wedding dress that really resonates, why not think about having an alternative gown tailored just for you?”

Simple and fun ballon wedding decorations

Have fun decorating

Planning the décor for your vintage wedding is one of the best bits. For a rustic alternative wedding, think wildflowers, seasonal fruit hampers, wooden crates, hay bales, lanterns and shabby chic table plans and decoration. And for your era-inspired vintage wedding, it’s got to be all about period features, which could be anything from Tiffany lamps to vintage hankies and 45-inch vinyl records.

Remember, anything goes. So throw the rule book out of the window, and make it your own.

Have fun, get the music that you love!

Select your music

Vintage weddings really do lend themselves to live music. A 1930s swing band; a 1950s rock ‘n’ roll band… whatever your era, look for sounds that fit in perfectly. If you’re going rustic, think barn dance or country vibe. Remember that music will create the atmosphere for your wedding, so choose it wisely.

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