What Wedding Dress Style Will Suit Me?

What wedding dress will suit me

Whoop-whoop, you’re getting married. Congratulations! The save the dates have gone out and you’ve booked your venue. So far, how many people have said to you, fab! Now you can think about your dress. And you’ve said… help! I have no idea what style will suit me. Are we right?

Don’t worry. Every bride-to-be has a moment (or many) where they wonder how they’re going to navigate the labyrinth of styles and choose the one that best suits them. The net is teaming with wedding dress guides that do the whole silhouette-to-body-shape-maths thing. But what about a little help in choosing a dress that suits your personality, values and all that makes you tick? Do not fear you lovely brides-to-be, because the help you need is right here.

Your wedding dress

Your wedding dress should be a reflection of who you are as a person. For example, if you’re a lover of all things nature and spend most of your spare time wandering through woodland in your wellies, your wedding guests are not going buy it if you walk down the aisle in a dramatic sparkling-glam number. And you’re not going to feel like you’re being true to yourself either.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular bridal styles, so you can see where you might fit in.

“Your wedding dress should be a reflection of who you are as a person.”

Vintage wedding dress

Vintage elegance

The vintage bridal style is for you if you adore the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era. If you’re the type who meanders around an old stately home admiring grand gilt-framed portraits and feels that tingle inside of how refined and graceful our ancestors once were, chances are you are going to feel like a true duchess dressed in a vintage style wedding gown.

Particularly popular periods for bridal style are the 1920s and 1930s. The 1920s flapper look is incredibly chic with its Art Deco beading, whilst 1930s inspired wedding gowns sing glamour in notes of shimmery fabrics and low-slung backs. Jewel encrusted head bands and accessories are a must for this look, as are fitted lace and mermaid silhouettes.

Boho wedding dress

Bohemian brides

Effortless, floaty, relaxed. If those words resonate with you, and you are insisting on making your wedding day a laid back occasion, then chances are you’ll make a good boho bride.

A true bohemian look harks back to the 1970s when the style was originally coined. The boho silhouette is streamlined and simple. Relaxed if you like. Comfort stands for everything with this style, so if the thought of being shoe-horned into a corset that leaves you unable to eat or breathe makes you feel like you want to call the whole thing off, you could be harbouring a touch of bohemian free spirit.

Boho wedding dresses tend to be flowing and easy to wear. They show a carefree outlook. Floral detail features quite strongly, but can be done in a subtle way, such as petals on straps and flower-scalloped necklines. Off-shoulder gypsy-style dresses are popular amongst the bohemian set too, featuring plenty of floral lace of course. Wildflower headdresses are the perfect complement, and barefoot sandals truly seal the look, particularly for ocean-side ceremonies.

Festival wedding dress

Festival chic

Loads of couples are holding festival weddings these days. Sometimes they stretch out over entire weekends, featuring live music, food and drink tents and the quirkiest ceremonies you can think of. Imagine hay bales, teepees and paper lanterns and you’ll take yourself there.

Festival weddings throw out the rulebook and pave the way for the happy couple to properly express their personalities. So when it comes to bridal style, it’s all about rustic chic and something you can feel proper chilled out in. Pair the wildflower headdress of the boho look with some wed-fest wellies and then go as quirky as you like with the dress itself.

Remember, comfort features big time. Most festival weddings last all weekend, so the dress has to be something you feel at ease in, and that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to festival bridal style, because that would defeat the whole point of the festival spirit. Just go with where your heart takes you. In other words, if tie-dye is calling you, go to it.

Modern wedding dress

Modern minimalist

For the bride who craves simplicity and believes in the adage less is more, the modern minimalist style is going to be for you.

If you don’t particularly care for over-indulgent embellishment and embroidery, but you instead favour sophistication that enhances your natural beauty, hone in your search to minimalist style.

Sleek lines, luxurious fabrics and A-line silhouettes are great choices for this look. Long, plain sleeves can be accentuated with ruched shoulders, and an illusion neckline or a dash of pleating creates a tease of drama whilst maintaining an air of sleekness.

Glam wedding dress

Sexy glam

Sometimes there’s nothing for it than to go all-out glam. If you enjoy turning heads, catching the light with glimmering sparkle and making a dramatic entrance, the sexy glam bridal style is for you.

You’ll be looking at shimmering beading and theatrical cut-outs with low-cut necklines and sweeping, open backs. It’s a confident look for the bride who is not in the least afraid of being the centre of attention, and who is brave enough to make a daring statement.

Beach wedding dress

Beach baby brides

If you’re planning a destination wedding with a white-sand ceremony, you’ll need to choose a dress that’s light, airy and moves around freely in the sea breeze. Beach brides are relaxed and cool, usually minimalist and chic.

Strappy and silky, the beach bride style is timeless and simplistic, accentuated with subtly sparkly accessories that catch the sunlight. Barefoot sandals make for the perfect footwear, and marine inspired detail like shells and pebbles work beautifully on the likes of headdresses and bridal pouches.

Unique wedding dress

Go unique – do it YOUR way

Just be you. It might be that you’re part vintage, part Boho, part festival. You might be modern minimalist with a hint of sexy glam. And that’s fine! Eclectic is good, and your wedding dress can be tailored to match precisely who you are.

Why compromise? Why wear something that just doesn’t pair with your personality? You don’t have to go traditional if you don’t want to. Alternative wedding style is popular amongst brides who just want to stay true to themselves.

“Alternative wedding style is popular amongst brides who just want to stay true to themselves.”

Looking to go alternative with your bridal style and stay true to your personality? Take a look at the Lucy Can’t Dance bridal gown collections. All handmade, all tailored to individual style, all unique. Because every bride is.

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