10 things to do on what would have been your wedding day

This new world we are living has been difficult to adapt to for all of us. At Lucy Can't Dance our hearts are going out to the brides and grooms whose weddings have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We know that nothing we say can make things better for you and we are gutted for you. Team LCD have put our heads together again and have come up with our top 10 things to do on your ¨would have been wedding day¨ to mean that it isn't a completely shitty day!

We would love to hear and see from you what you have come up with for your special day and we want to see all of your photos and videos! Send them to us via our Facebook and Instagram!

1. Put your wedding outfits on and hold a fake ceremony!

Sign a contract of love and get a friend or family member to officiate via video chat. Get your kids or pets to act as witnesses and let's get those signatures! Display the contract on your new wedding date and take some photos to display! 

2.Get blind drunk on the champagne you bought for toasts!

It's not going to drink itself. Make toasts to one another and tell each other everything you are grateful for! This is amazing for your soul and it's surprising what comes out when you get going! 

3.Have a huge zoom party with all of your guests!

Chuck on the outfits, throw on some tunes and party together all night long! Dance around in your living room, get the father of the bride to make a speech and have an amazing time!

4. Make a playlist of your guiltiest, cheesiest songs and play them full blast!

Get all of those feel good songs that are waaay too cheesy to play at your actual wedding but you still adore, make some home-made cocktails, blast the playlist so that even your neighbours can join in and party like it's the last night on earth!

5.Write out your vows as if it were still your wedding day and read them to each other!

Just because your wedding date has changed, it doesn't mean that you can't still tell each other exactly how you feel. Use the opportunity to let your partner know how much they mean to you, how thankful you are for them and how much you're still looking forward to marrying them. Do this somewhere beautiful, either in the garden under your favourite tree or decorate a part of your home with candles and flowers. Video it and play it on your new wedding day, or just keep it for yourselves as a cute little reminder for when you're feeling a bit low. 

6. Make a beautiful photobook!

Order loads of photo prints from your relationship and a scrapbook in advance and spend the day creating a beautiful photo album together. Take the time to look back over all of the incredible memories that you have enjoyed in your relationship - something we don't often get to do in our busy lives - and enjoy every moment of this wonderfully creative process. Add decorations, ticket stubs and the momentos you've been collecting. Maybe write each other a little love letter to stick in the back, to open in 15-20 years time. 

7. Take a wine tour around your home!

Contact your nearest and dearest and get them to recommend you their favourite wines! Order the wines in advance, allocate a particular wine to each room and take a tour around your home! Don't forget to take photos of yourselves in each ¨location¨! If you are tech-friendly you can even cut and paste yourself into some incredible backgrounds! Sally and Alex took a wine tour around their home and ended up in the South African Winelands using the ¨Cut Paste Photo Editor¨ app!

8. Plant a love tree.

Order a beautiful tree online and plant it in your garden to commemorate your love. This beautiful tree will grow alongside your relationship, and you can have a picnic each year under your love tree. Or order some seeds and start a love garden! Sprinkle all of your seeds and let it grow into a big bushy love garden.  

9. Make a music video to your first dance song!

There is nothing better than a homemade music video. Make a music video from home to your first dance song and then premiere it on your new wedding day! Time to dig out those outfits from the dress up drawer and get the champagne and creativity flowing!

10. Get into your wedding get up and go on your allocated walk for the day!

Get dressed up in your wedding outfits, make up, heels, suit, veil and go on your daily walk! Blast ¨Here Comes The Bride¨ from your portable speaker and absolutely OWN IT! 

There it is! Let us know what you end up doing and we wish you loads of love and happiness!
Team Lucy Cant Dance xx

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