10 ways to not murder your partner during lockdown

Right guys, let's drop the false pretences. I am less than a week into this lockdown and I am already about one hiccup away from murdering my husband. We usually live our lives like passing ships in the night, so being thrust together in a small brick prison for an indefinite period of time is very alien to us. I know that I am not alone in this, so at Lucy Can't Dance we have come up with 10 creative ways to avoid any accidental mishaps! 

The list is in descending order of how desperate you become. If one doesn't work, move onto the next and let us know how far down the list you end up!

1. Find a good hiding spot to escape to for some well earned “me time”!

During this lockdown (and maybe even after) consider finding a little corner in your home, garage or garden shed and make it into a super tranquil sanctuary for you to escape to when things get too much! Fill it with cushions, blankets, magazines, books and lots of beautiful things that make you happy. Send us photos of your creations! We want to see duvet fortresses, tents, “she sheds”, meditation corners and everything in between!


2. Plan fun things to do together once you are out of isolation!

Dig out an old Jam Jar and some scraps of paper. Every time you say to yourself or your partner “I wish we could do”, “I wish we could see”, “I wish we could go”, write it down on a bit of paper and pop it in the jar. When all of this eventually blows over you'll have an awesome bucket list for the rest of the summer, and you'll appreciate those moments so much more!

3. Keep things exciting and make each other challenges!

Were thinking treasure hunts, taskmaster, truth or dare, plank challenge, ready steady cook, arm wrestles, singstar, quizzes, all star Mr & Mrs, do my make up, touch my body, the seven second challenge, staring challenge, 1-2-3 challenge, and whatever else you can think of!

4. Watch Labyrinth and stare at David Bowie's massive bulge!

It needs no explanation.

5. Keep an eye on your stock of isolation snacks and beware of the hanger!

A very easy way to avoid losing your rag is to make sure you don't run low on those extremely necessary treats that are helping us all pass the time and stay sane at the moment. You definitely don't want to be faced with an empty cupboard in that time of need so make sure you keep it stocked up and ready for an emergency!

6. Get down and dirty!

The birds and the bees and all that jazz. A great way to vent your frustration out is to bang it out, angry style! Why don't you shout out everything that is pissing you off about each other while you're at it and kill two birds with one stone!

7. Crank up the music to drown them out!

Channel that teenage angst, lock yourself in your room and blast music so loud it drowns everyone else out! We made a playlist of feel good songs called LCD Fuck You Corona on Spotify, so why not give that a go?! There is an entire song about cheesecake on the playlist and I can't think of anything else you need right now.

8. Drink.

It is our tried and tested method to drown all sorrows with rum and / or gin. Making a lovely cocktail might give you some time to calm down, or maybe try a couples drinking game to ease the tension?! 

9. Make a voodoo doll and / or lock them in a cupboard to get. them. away!

Take those urges and take them out on a poor little stuffed version of your partner. It may just save their life! Or somehow tempt them into a cupboard or small room somewhere and lock them away for a while.

10. Hide all of the sharp objects in your house!

Get them as far away from you as physically possible! Don't let the temptation take hold otherwise you're gonna spend a lot more time in isolation than you originally planned! Although… you may just look back and think… it was worth it. 

We hope you find these top tips helpful. We would absolutely love it if you shared with us which ways you have tried to keep the peace! Send photos and videos to our Facebook and Instagram and keep in touch! 

Sending lots of love and wishing you all well,
Team Lucy Can't Dance

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