A Guide to Halloween

The Lucy Can’t Dance Guide to Halloween

So October has crept upon us fast this year! Which means one wonderful thing…Its almost Halloween. For some Halloween is an annoying American tradition full of annoying kids begging for sweets but for me Halloween is a time to drink rum with my chums and dress like a complete idiot.

If you are hopeless with Halloween costume ideas then here is a little guide to help you pick the right one.

  1. Be a Scary Mary…Not a Slutty Sue

So many times we see women dressed in hardly anything with some crappy cat ears attached to their heads. Yes this looks scary but not in a good way. Halloween shouldn’t be a time for getting your bits out on show (for a start its almost Winter and its bloody freezing…no amount of rum will keep your lady bits warm). It’s a time where you can cover yourself in fake blood and scare the shit out of people.

Here are some examples of Scary Mary vs Slutty Sue

Which do you prefer?

  1. Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact lenses are so good to beef up your costume! They really make your face look terrifying especially the all black ones. They look so good but beware!!! I tried these for the first time last year. It took so long to get them in which involved a lot of stabbing to the eye! Make sure you do your eye makeup after you put them in. Getting them out at the end of the night was the biggest struggle…Especially if you’ve had a few too many rums. The fear of losing the contact within my eye forever made me determined to get it out. After clawing at my eyes for at least 30 minutes the bugger was finally out. The next morning it looked like I’d been shotting tequila through my eyeballs.    So good and bad points but I still recommend them!

  1. What costume will you wear???

Don’t pussy out and go as a cat or a witch! Get that brain box in gear and think of something interesting! Any costume can be turned into a Halloween costume with enough fake blood and zombie wounds. Group costumes are always a good laugh! Last year me and my friends went as a herd of Dead Nuns which was a amazing.

  1. Fake Blood will Ruin Everything!

Fake blood is an essential part of Halloween but also a deadly one! Do not wear anything that you want to re wear! It will stain all your clothes!

Fake blood will stain everything!! Your walls, your carpet! So watch out for those deadly splashes! A few years ago we had a Halloween party and decided to decorate the bath ‘Psycho’ style. We threw fake blood all over the tiles and the bath thinking it would just rub off…we were wrong! Being students we obviously didn’t have the money to spend to repair it but tip ex worked perfectly!

Happy Halloween!

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