50 Shades of Grey

Hello you lovable creatures!

Now I have your attention with the title (don’t pretend you weren’t drawn in by the lure of whips, chains and all things kinky you naughty rebels) I want to talk about grey.

Not the title character of the books that you hide in your bedside table, but the colour. Jeez.

Back in the day, thinking of having a wedding dress in any colour other than white would have been quite unthinkable. Nowdays, there are a ridiculous amount of colours and styles out there for your special dress… Some particularly cool designers like to play around with all shades of the rainbow ;)
Back in December – in between eating our weight in chocolate and pretending that mulled wine was it’s own food group – we did a photoshoot with our Pulp Fiction dress. It seemed that you guys went a bit bonkers for the grey dip-dyed silk gown, and it got us thinking about all things grey.

Photography by Indian Hill Design | Hair & Makeup by Knot your average bride 

So you’ve chosen a grey beauty (and remember we can inject a bit of grey into any of our designs)… So what next?


Don’t be scared of taking the colour grey through to other elements of your wedding. When it comes to flowers, grey doesn’t necessarily mean gloomy.
Globe thistles flower into a beautiful royal blue colour, but start life as spiky and grey – perfect to make any bouquet or flower arrangement that bit edgier. Also look out for the Arctic Glow variety… These bad boys flower into beautiful slate grey/white. Grey succulents can also be used to break up your other flowers, giving some interesting shapes and textures. Dusty Millers can also be used in amongst your bunches to tie together your colour theme, and we think that Ivy Floral Events has done a great job of using them here!
When it comes to the other flowers, we think that pastels work best with greys, but don’t be afraid of putting your own stamp on things – Daring options like salmon, terracotta, royal blue, turquoise and purple can all work well!

Your cake can be a great opportunity to carry through your colour scheme, all the way from dress to er... stomach. Whether you choose to go full grey using the icing or fondant, or to have accents using grey silk ribbons, grey sugar crystals for that incredibly popular geode style, grey semi-liquid topping that drips down the sides or even metallic foil like Chelmsford based Egg and Moo's have done here, there is no end to the options that your cake gives to fly the grey flag!

Table decorations.

It’s become quite the trend for brides to make their own table decorations. If that’s your plan – and you have the time – then there are heaps of smaller things that can be used to bring the grey accent to your table tops. In perhaps one of the only benefits to Essex’s not-so-sandy beaches, grey shells can be found on most seaside walks. There are also an array of grey crystals and stones that can be found online, from the dark and stormy Hermatite, to the milky pastel greys found in many quartz crystals. If time isn’t on your side, you could always opt for using the tablecloths to bring the grey and use your decorations to bring the other colours like this photo here.


Yep. We said it. The days of fearing the grey are long gone. No longer just the trademark of Peggy and Janice down the bingo hall, we think grey is the way to go! Whether it be pastel grey, smoky shale or a full on barnet of steel, for the more daring of you your hair can be as much a part of your colour scheme as your dress is. Just remember to look after your hair, the poor bugger doesn’t enjoy being bleached much. Here’s a pic of the lovely Sara with grey hair during a photoshoot for us, wearing our Heart of Glass dress. Her hair was styled by the amazing Knot Your Average Bride. Zoe is a master of elegant and bohemian hair styles. 

And yes I’ve left the rest of the Instagram page visible on purpose. Follow us. It’ll make a change from cute cats and people’s dinner. @Lucy_Cant_Dance . You’re welcome.
The most important thing to remember if you go for grey, it can be as much or as little a part of the rest of your wedding as you want! So whether you go for touches of grey across everything, or keep it to the dress, it might be time to stop fearing grey for your wedding day. Unless it’s the weather. In that case it sucks.

Hope it’s got you thinking, and let us know if you want us to look at any other colours for the blog!

Lucy Can't Dance x
P.S. Yours truly has also started taking orders for custom veils & flower crowns, both of which can be made as grey as you’d like. Shameless plugging, but girl gotta eat <3


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