8 Amazing UK Mini Moon ideas

With COVID-19 looking like it’s going to seep into 2021, some of our lovely brides may be wondering how on earth they can make a honeymoon still seem special when far flung, exotic places are out of the question! WELL at LCD we have come up with a list of our top mini moons within the UK that will still be incredibly special. It has taken us ages to find these places, and I am writing this during lockdown 2 - GOSH I just want to go ON HOLIDAY!!!! Anywhere other than my bloody house will do at the moment!! 

We have written a little bit about what makes each of these places special, and who they may cater to. We have also included the links for each place in case you wanted to have a little sneaky peak at the websites to get a better look. ALL of these places are worth looking into - 3 photos just doesn’t do any of them justice! 

The Pig at Combe, Devon

A recommendation by a close friend of ours - this place looks absolutely amazing and is situated on the beautiful Devon coast! Their sustainable, locally sourced and zero waste approach makes this place even more special. The focus is around SEASONAL FOOD so this is definitely one for the foodies!

Airship 1, Sussex

Oh. My. Gosh. This is definitely a mini moon that won’t be forgotten! This eco-friendly airship has no TV, Wifi and has limited phone signal so if you are looking to have zero distractions, just quality time together, this is the place for you. Sit playing card games and watch the sun set over the trees - I can’t think of anything better!


Gilpin Hotel, Lake District

This made me well up how beautiful this place looks. Settled in the Lake District, this is definitely the place for you if you are looking for romantic spa luxury! They offer Mini Moon packages that cover everything from food to treatments. No other plans required just sit back and relax.

Lotus Car Spa & Horse Hut, Hampshire


A SPA, in a CAR?! Yes, it is true! And this isn’t the only amazing thing about this - the main hut was once mounted on the back of a lorry and used for Polo and Shire horse shows! If you love quirky, reclaimed and repurposed interiors this is definitely the place for you. It also boasts amazing views and sunsets in the evening! AH i just cannot.



Swinton Park Hotel, Yorkshire

This stunning castle hotel features a spa & country club, plus over 200 acres of land to explore. This is definitely the place if you are looking for a relaxed yet romantic atmosphere accompanied by breathtaking views! The hotel boasts lots of historical artefacts and paintings for any history buffs out there.

Walcot Hall Estate Chapel & Cabins, Shropshire

If you fancy F*cking off into the middle of nowhere and just enjoying some time with each other surrounded by amazing grounds then this quirky converted chapel might be for you! This place is also dog friendly if you fancy bringing your furry children along with you!

Boaty Mcboatface at The Fish, Cotswolds

Boaty is just one of the incredible properties within The Fish, a collection of quirky hotel houses and huts nestled in a hillside within a 400-acre private estate. Boaty comes with its very own paddle boat for you to relax on whilst floating around your own private lake. Or how about popping across to your private island complete with decking and comfortable seating to enjoy a romantic evening and get back to nature.

Boulder Field Cabin and Hot Tub, Birchover

If unrivalled panoramic views are your thing then this place takes the biscuit. Nestled in amongst boulders at the top of Eagle Tor this handcrafted hut has quirk after quirk. From an incredible outdoor shower to a hot tub overlooking the valley, and a glass bedroom roof for stargazing at night time, I really REALLY want to go here!!!!

Tell us your favourite <3 

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