Happy Movember!

To Celebrate The Important Month of Movember, I will Be Celebrating by making my list of the top 5 best famous moustaches!

Please Add Your Own List To See What you prefer!

 5. At number 5 we have the King of the Porno Tash! Ron Jeremy!

Famous for his Naughty Films! He invented the sleazy Tash!

4. At number 4 we have Mr Tom Selleck! Mr Big Fluffy Moustache!

3. At number 3 we have  king of the wrestling ring! Mr Hulk Hogan

2. At number 2 we have the always classy Mr Ron Burgendy! Showing us his rich mahogany Moustache!

1. And finally At Number 1 we have the quirky Mr Salvidor Dali! Showing his artistic styling!

What Are Your Top 5????

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