The golden rule that should be applied in every aspect of your wardrobe decisions is SHALL I SHOW BOOBIES OR LEGS?

Either of these is ok as long as the other is covered up!

However, If you want to look like a complete filthy hooker then i will advise you to stop this now!!!!

Finding the line between sensual and slutty is the key!

So decide! Will you show off those long beautiful legs? Or show a little sexy cleavage! If done in the right way you can be both classy and sexy all at the same time. If done in the wrong way then you could look like a deranged back alley groper

Here are some of examples of people breaking these rules:

Jordan! Aka Katie shows her fanny in public price!

She is a regular rule breaker! is this attractive? NO!  learn from her mistakes!

Britney Spears is breaking a lot of rules here! Not only can we see her arse cheeks! we can also see boob and side boob! Not a good look!

2 bum cheeks + boob + side boob = don’t leave your house! Please.

So now that we have seen how not to do it! let us praise some people on how to do it right and with class!

1. How to show your cleavage in a sexy and classy way:

Dita Von Teese is an excellent example in this beautiful long red satin gown. She is showing cleavage but the rest is covered up! She still looks classy but oozes sex appeal.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe is obviously a favourite here at Lucy Can’t Dance! She Always knows how to dress to show off her amazing curves! She is showing a little cleavage here but the long dress with the long gloves and fur add elegance.

2. How to show off your legs without looking like a hooker!

Betty Grable Is showing off her long luscious legs but she has added high waisted shorts and a cute shirt to balance it out! mixing these corresponding looks makes this outfit choice a success!


Krysten Ritter is one of my favourite modern dressers. She has a unique quirky vintage style that works really well. Her pale skin looks lovely and striking next to her red lipstick and shoes!  here she is showing a lot of leg but no cleavage at all, she still looks sexy but also classy enough for any occasion.


I hope this helps!


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