All about Bridal Separates

Bridal separates are becoming more and more popular these days! There is so much choice and so many different types to suit your style. You can go for a more relaxed look or you can have a lot of drama.


For brides who never wear a dress, this can sometimes be a safer option to make them feel a little bit more like themselves. It can be daunting trying to find a dress if you never wear them in everyday life.

There is a huge range of trousers, skirts and tops you can mix and match together. It’s great to layer pieces and see what works for you.

The great thing about two pieces is that you can swap and change parts easily throughout the day. You could have a lacey floral top for the ceremony and then a sequin party top for the reception. Or alternatively we love putting overlay skirts on top of trousers for the daytime and then you can whip them off for the party time! There’s nothing better then being able to dance in comfortable trousers all night long and still look fabulous!


We love that brides can recycle their pieces after the wedding and wear them again and again. We hate the idea of bridal outfits going into the loft forever! It’s much nicer to be able to wear your favourite pieces again and again.


Here are some of our real brides who picked some awesome bridal separates:


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