Amusement Elopement Photo Shoot

Wow what a night this was!!!

We had our first ever nighttime shoot and it was FUN! We had a complete dream team for this shoot! We all had an amazing time frolicking around the seafront and created some incredible images. 

The photographer for the shoot was the amazing Khandie Photography. I stumbled upon some images taken by the amazing Khandie and was blown away by the tones and colours. I love the ‘Vegas’ style neon background and was keen to collaborate for a photo shoot.

The rain decided to be a bit of a bastard but that didn’t stop our fun. Khandie is so passionate and determined when she’s taking photos! She stopped traffic and laid in puddles to achieve the perfect shots, and boy did she get them!

The shoot features my Soul Love grey tulle skirt paired with two new lace top designs. Our two new lace tops are called Super Freak and Queen Bitch. Both tops are made from the same unique lace. I think the relaxed bridal two pieces worked so well with the styling of the shoot.

When searching for Models I wanted an alternative couple with lots of lovely tattoos. When Megan applied I was stunned by her incredible ‘Cruella’ hair, I knew this would look awesome and also show something unique that I haven’t seen in a bridal shoot so far. Tom was chosen to be our groom and he was a perfect match for Megan.

I wanted to keep the bridal hair in a way quite traditional to contrast with Megan’s alternative fringe and two tone hair colour. Emma Tulip the hairstylist created an intricate intertwining braid, which married up the two colours beautifully. The wonderful Claire Marie Makeup did Megan’s makeup. She used rose golds and dark browns to achieve a smoky eye and a delicious dark plum lip stick which complimented Megan’s overall look.

We gave Tom quite a casual look, a white opened shirt with rolled up sleeves and black braces.

I fell in love with the bouquet by The Flower Arranger. They made a bouquet bursting with colour and it worked so well with the background lights. The Pinks, oranges and reds complimented each other beautifully and the hint of plum matched Megan’s lipstick. The bouquet really pops out in the photos. The Flower Arranger also made a beautiful button hole for Tom to wear.

We all kind of fell in love with Megan during the shoot. I could see Claire starting to droll over her and I think we all considered switching sides. It was a fun night and we all got very excited when we saw the Zoltar fortune teller game like in the film Big. 

I think the overall result is breath taking. The images are powerful, modern and relate to the alternative wedding couples looking for inspiration. These are definitely the coolest pictures I’ve ever received.

Thank you to everyone involved.  


Photography: Thandie Photography

Makeup: Claire Marie Makeup

Hair: Emma Tulip 

Florist: The Flower Arranger

Models: Megan Biffin & Tom Lebeau Packer




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