Bridesmaid Inspiration with a dip dye wedding dress

There are so many wonderful bridesmaids dress options to complement our dip dye wedding dresses! The important thing is to make sure that the colours don’t clash and that you, the bride, stand out.

It is always best to pick your dress style and colour scheme first before you pick your bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes you think you know what wedding dress you want, but after trying on lots you may find you change your mind. This could be frustrating if you purchase your bridesmaid dresses first and then find your dream dress and realise that they don’t work together.

We LOVE having wedding photos sent to us from our real brides! We love to see them in action and see their whole wedding come together. Couples spend so long planning every aspect of their day to their unique style.

It is so incredible to see one of our dresses styled in such different ways. As you can change so many colours with our designs, one dress could be used for a gothic castle wedding or also a pastel festival wedding. The versatile nature of the designs really lets our brides’ personalities shine. 

Here are some awesome real brides and some of their really inspiring bridesmaid dress choices.

Real Bride Sofi 

MT studio Photography

Sofi took colour inspiration from her Tequila sunrise dip dye wedding dress. We love multicoloured bridesmaid dresses. It really compliments the ombre style and their bouquets. Sofi’s dress really pops amongst these colours.


Real Bride Sophie  

Photography by Oscar May

We absolutely LOVED making Sophie’s dress! She looks absolutely stunning! We would kill for that hair! She picked full black jumpsuits for her bridesmaid outfits which look amazing!! Imagine how comfortable they must be all day! The full black really makes the top of Sophies dress pop. The jumpsuits really compliment the style of the wedding and can’t get enough of their leopard print heels!!

 Real Bride Laura 

Laura actually brought in one of the bridesmaid dresses as the colour inspiration for her dip dye. We used the dresses to match the colour exactly. This means the dresses really look perfect together. We love the soft greys mixed with the green from the foliage. Laura and her friends look like they are having THE BEST TIME! Laura was so lovely!


Real bride Amy 

Amy picked colours that really compliment her soft grey dip dye slip. Instead of matching the colour, she has picked a great scheme that come together with the florals. The denim jackets really look cute! Her wedding was amazing. She even purchased a second under slip colour to change for the evening which means two dresses in one…Woopwoop!!


Real Bride Carly 

Carly had an awesome Halloween style wedding with pumpkins and everything!!! We LOVE her bridal party all in black. The different style dresses really compliment each person and their shape. The orange dip dye really makes the bouquets colour pop. Carly picked our Ziggy Stardust dress.

So just remember our top 5 tips for picking bridesmaid dresses!

  1. Pick your dress first!
  2. Make sure the colours don’t clash.
  3. Make sure you stand out!
  4. Think about the different shapes in your bridal party and pick accordingly so that everyone feels comfortable. (Sometimes having different style dresses helps)
  5. Stick to your guns! It is your wedding so get the dresses you love and what will complement the rest of the wedding!

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