Fluffy employees of the month

The pets of the UK have put on their best office attire and are currently spending their days helping their humans work from home! We asked for submissions of what your fluffy companions have been doing to help over the last few weeks and we are completely overwhelmed with the response! It has been an absolute joy to go through all of the submissions - we hope it brings everyone as much happiness and laughter as it has for us.

We have awarded each pet with an extra special Lucy Can't Dance Award, from most floofiest to best work attire, because we believe that they all deserve to be celebrated!
Without further ado, in order of submission, the nations pets:

Bowie Mcfluffybutt

Name: Bowie McFluffybutt
Age: He will be 1 on April 25th
Breed: Corgi
Job role: Head of HR at Lucy Can’t Dance
Likes: Belly strokies, barking in the garden, playing fetch & Food
Dislikes: The evil hoover, mornings & plastic bags that move in the wind
Lockdown shenanigans: Someone wants to play fetch constantly! When I’m eating, when I’m weeing and when I’m trying to sew dresses. Bowie comes to work at Lucy can’t Dance every day so Having him around me 24/7 is normal. But working together at home is very different. He likes to try and demand attention 100% of the time. He hates it when I’m on a work video chat. It results with him running off with my things and me having to chase him round the garden....but thank god he’s with me otherwise I think I’d go crazy on my own and start talking to the plants.
Award: Biggest Ears



Name: Barney - @barneys_adventure on instagram
Age: 3
Breed: Standard Dachshund
Job Role: Dog Walking assistant
Likes: Singing to Dolly Parton
Dislikes: Rain & getting wet
Lockdown Shenanigans: House zoomies, chasing the cats to lick their butts, finding sun spots to sunbathe & throwing strops because he can’t go on his usual 3/4 hour long walks per day.
Award: Toothiest smile



Name: Stuart aka Stewi aka Stew Pot aka Mr Fluffy feet aka "Sir" aka Squirrel Tail aka Hell Panther
Age: 2
Breed: Rescue Cat
Job Role: Unsympathetic Head of HR
Likes: Playing the indoor/outdoor game, shouting at Dad as loud as possible, stealing my Human’s warm seat and
cheese puffs.
Dislikes: Dad humans feet, not getting his own way, not being fed dead on 6am or 6pm.
Lockdown Shenanigans: Getting involved in multiple zoom conference calls, eye rolling at my Human’s indoor workouts and making "friends" with neighbourhood cats that stroll into his garden
Award: Most Ginger



Name: Pixel

Age: 11 months

Breed: German spitz klein

Job Role: that one colleague that doesn’t pull their weight, had an attitude and a complete slacker but gets away with it due to being so cute.

Likes: food, even when it isn’t food including the neighbours cat poop. Being brushed, being a lazy so and so.

Dislikes: being told what to do.

Lockdown Shenanigans: Deciding to eat/destroy my humans shoes and alllllll of the toilet roll (including a Santa one that they were keeping in case of emergency) which in the current situation was not cool when they couldn’t get any for love nor money. Later that afternoon projectile vomiting over my humans dressing gown because of eating so much toilet roll which was coated in Shea butter....

Award: Best Lockdown Shenanigans




Name: Buddy

Age: 18 months

Breed: Great Dane

Job Role: Mallow Magic Mutt Chief of Security

Likes: Digging, getting wet and muddy

Dislikes: Being told no, he answers back!

Lockdown Shenanigans: Trying to dig up my Human’s rhododendron, climbing on the furniture, spying on the neighbors and cleaning the windows! See pictures!

Award: Most Mahoosive


David Martin

Name: David Martin aka Dave

Age: 3

Breed: Big fluffy ginge!

Job Role: Admin support, always there to lend a paw

Likes: Napping and Dreamies

Dislikes: Being flead, he doesn’t talk to his human for at least a day!

Lockdown Shenanigans: Brought in a live mouse that's been under the fridge for 2 days now.

Award: Most Tech Savvy




Name: Ruben

Age: 6

Breed: Schipperke

Job Role: PA to company director a.k.a Mummy

Likes: To be stroked every hour of every day

Dislikes: Pigeons

Lockdown Shenanigans: Has managed to gain the power to tell time and will relentlessly pest at 6am, 12pm and 6pm until he’s fed. Spends most of the day in the window barking at pigeons.

Award: Most Organised




Name: Eddie aka Mr Puds

Age: 6 years

Breed: Slug cat

Job role: Chief layabout and video conference mascot

Likes: Continuously meowing at colleagues, sleeping on top of any laptop, paperwork or in any sink!

Dislikes: Not being constantly cuddled or kissed. Also dislike that arsehole ginger cat from next door!

Lockdown Shenanigans: Catching first mouse at the new house and leaving it displayed out on the patio!

Award: Most Cuddliest




Name: Pickles

Age: 4

Breed: Jack Russel / Whippet

Job Role: Editing Assistant, House Manager

Likes: His ball, spooning under the blanket, bananas, hot baths and runs in the wind

Dislikes: Being cold, the hoover, staying in his own bed

Lockdown Shenanigans: With all of our quality time together, we’ve finally been able to do the all important “snoot” trick, where he’ll run from wherever he is to pop his head through the hole in your hands. It makes me snort laugh every time. He’s also decided to be my bodyguard, leading me into every room, grumbling at shadows to keep them away and making sure I wake up early. He’s a keeper!

Award: Most Photogenic


Super T


Name: Super T

Age: 8 years old

Breed: British Shorthair

Job Role: Office assistant/style guru/lap warmer

Likes: Dreamies, ham and well drafted, concise email correspondence

Dislikes: Hoovers, loud noises and super long conference calls

Lockdown Shenanigans: I like to walk over my human’s laptop when she is typing, miaow loudly when she is on the phone so all others hear my thoughts and I try to eat all the pen lids.

Award: Best Work Attire




Name: Wilbur - @wilbur_the_saus on Instagram

Age: 4

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Job Role: Assistant snack eater

Likes: Snacks, tummy rubs, barking at anyone who walks past the window & toilet roll tubes

Dislikes: The black cat that sits on the shed flicking its tail, cucumber & being in a different room to me

Lockdown Shenanigans: Told off the postman, the bin men & the kids at the bottom of the garden; faked needing a pee in an attempt at an extra treat on more than one occasion, ate the ears and legs off a squeaky dog, featured in the morning Skype meetings more than once and barked furiously at a delivery man during a conference call 😂

Award: Snooziest




Name: Jeremy aka Jezza - @jeremy_the_siamese on instagram

Age: 10 months

Breed: Siamese

Job Role: House Clown

Likes: Yelling at his human slaves

Dislikes: Being locked out of a room

Lockdown Shenanigans: Chasing bees in the garden (he gets told off for that!), drinking out of the toilet (gets told off for that too!), WWE SmackDown style play fights with the dog, walking around shouting trying to find his humans despite them not moving since the last time he last saw them & parkouring off the windows, walls, shelves, sofa...basically a ball of pent up energy!

Award: Bluest Eyes



Name: Rey

Age: 3 and a half

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Job Role: Chief Lap Warmer

Likes: Licking everything and everyone, eating food that isn't hers and belly rubs.

Dislikes: Bath time, and the 4pm finance deadline.

Lockdown Shenanigans: So far she's managed to create a Rey shaped dent in the sofa cushion, hit the TV by flinging one of her toys across the room and star in the odd Zoom team meeting.

Award: Cutest Smile



Name: Albert Bell

Age: 2 years & 330 days

Breed: British Blue

Job Role: Assistant Designer

Likes: Tuna, snuggles, pink & liberty prints

Dislikes: Being on my own, Dreamies, daddy sitting in my spot on the sofa!

Lockdown Shenanigans: Rolling around on the rug, inspecting products, directing photo shoots

Award: Most likely to rock the photoshoot



Name: Kiwi (after the country)

Age: 1 year

Breed: Basset Hound

Job Role: Chief napper and sofa slug

Likes: Frolicking in fields, ignoring mum and dads requests and eating socks

Dislikes: Gets serious FOMO and must be on a lap at all times

Lockdown shenanigans: Pizza theft, work distraction, sleeping in late and breaking social distancing with other dogs because she can't resist a sniff

Award: Floppiest Ears




Name: Calix

Age: 5

Breed: Cat - Long haired Ragdoll mix

Job Role: Desk Clerk/Cuddle extraordinaire

Likes: Naps, his mousie, being brushed and boxes!

Dislikes: The doorbell, nail clips and windy days

Lockdown Shenanigans: Stealing socks and sleeping on the job

Award: Most likely to Murder their Human



Name: Hoggle

Age: 15 Months

Breed: French Bulldog x Chinese Crested

Job Role: Guardian of Curiosities

Likes: Attention, food, being worshiped and putting the lotion on

Dislikes: Horses, any animal on TV and not being worshiped

Lockdown Shenanigans: Eating my humans food, ended the life of a lego man.

Award: Most Unique


Colin Jefferson 


Name: Colin Jefferson

Age: 7 and 3 quarters

Breed: Mog

Job role: Chief Licker (Main roles include: licking his arse, licking me, licking the furniture, licking his brother Keith)

Likes: Licking things, eating earplugs, Top Gear, catnip and bitches

Dislikes: Loud noises, Mrs Browns Boys, the taste of his brothers arse, parsnips

Lockdown Shenanigans: Enjoying climbing over the humans keyboard and phone, liking random shit on facebook with his jellybean toes.

Award: Most Lickiest


Castor Troy 


Name : Castor Troy

Age: 3

Breed: Loaf-Supreme, Breathing Potato - but most commonly known as Pug

Job Role: Human Resnortses (which is ironic as he is known for his curmudgeon-y personality.)

Likes: Making his voice heard during conference calls and being picked up when his coworkers are trying to finish reports

Dislikes: Waking up before 9am - not made for that office life!

Lockdown Shenanigans : Going a little stir crazy with the same walking routes every day. He has taken to ‘spicing things up’ by escaping into the horse field by the house to try and play with the ‘big dogs’ (audience, they are actually horses.)

Award: Drunkest Pooch




Name: Sidney

Age: 8

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Job Role: Garden Supervisor

Likes: Sun Bathing & Chasing (Sometimes catching) Birds

Dislikes: The neighbours dogs & Rain

Lockdown Shenanigans: Sidney has become accustomed to her Father Vacuuming the grass and helping along. She's also remembered her love of sunbathing due to the fantastic weather we've been having.

Award: Most Swagger


Dawson & Jenson


Names: Dawson and Jenson

Breeds: Dawson is a Jack Russel cross (not sure with what) and Jenson is a Cavapoo

Job Role: Keeping my humans bed warm for when they finish working

Likes: Dawson likes eating absolutely everything (including trainers and flip flops) and Jenson likes attention

Dislikes: Dawson hates strangers and Jenson is terrified of feathers

Lockdown Shenanigans: Dawson has spent most of lockdown trying to get into my bed under the covers, and he keeps getting wrappers out of the bin and leaving them all over the house. He also has been sitting up at the dinner table with us every night whilst we eat dinner!! Jenson keeps escaping out of the front door and saying hi to all our neighbours.

Award: Dawson: Best Table Etiquette
Jenson: Most Sociable




Name: Coco

Age: 14 months

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Job Role: Model

Likes: football

Dislikes: Modelling 😂

Lockdown Shenanigans: Hiding from my children amongst all the Flamingo Bridal dress bags ... not understanding social distancing and bounding up to everyone she sees to play, modelling a vintage 1970s veil as we have to social distance from our usual models

Award: Most Graceful




Name: Toto (obvs)

Age: 6

Breed: Chihuahua (bit of Pom which is where I get my floofy tail)

Job Role: Professional cuddler

Likes: Sausage, Roast dinners, peas, favourite toy is my soft lion, laying on anything soft even if it's my mummies washing, licking soft materials, being lazy and sleeping.

Dislikes: Other dogs, paws being touched, anyone being mean to each each other even though they say it's only play fighting.

Lockdown Shenanigans: Met my sisters hamster- Hammy Girl, I don't think I like her, I growl at her to let her know. I've been on daily walks and frolicked in the bluebells and let my human children give me a haircut (see photo on right).

Award: Most Floofiest




Name: Dexter

Age: Almost 2

Breed: Unkown

Job Role: Chief of entertainment

Likes: being sneaky, going on dog walks, rolling in grit

Dislikes: strangers, loud noises, empty food bowl

Lockdown shenanigans: Stealing the dogs bed, surprise human attacks, demanding food

Award: Most Hungry




Name: Merlin

Age: 11 3/4

Breed: Border Terrier

Job Role: Dog police

Likes: jumpers, blankets and pillows, naps

Dislikes: the cold, the sound of the gate, olives

Lockdown shenanigans: digging holes in the garden, many, many naps, thinking oranges are balls

Award: Best Beard




Name: Layla

Age: 11

Breed: Moggy (Cross Persian with sommat else)

Job Role: Supervisor of Humans (Especially the Music Man) / Chief of Disturbances

Likes: To meowk conversations, yoga in the garden after a long day

Dislikes: The sound of tin foil

Lockdown Shenanigans: Being socially irresponsible and entering other people's houses and refusing to move without treats / coercion!

Award: Most likely to be a Famous Musician


Sooty, Betty & Charley


Names : Sooty, Betty and Charley (otherwise known as Assistant, Chief Mouser and Cat in training)

Age: 14 (grumpy old aged), 7 (respectable middle age) and 4 (disruptive teenager!)

Breed: All moggies though Charley is mostly Siberian Forest Cat with a little bit of Norwegian Forest Cat mixed in as his back legs are longer than his front ones. It makes him look like the cat out of the Adams Family when he walks!

Job Role: Assistant, Chief Mouser and Cat in training

Likes: Sleeping, Napping, Exploring, Dreamies

Dislikes: Cheap cat food, Pushing open the cat flap (too posh to push!), Strangers

Lockdown Shenanigans: Multiple changes in napping locations, demanding snuggles in the middle of the night (Mainly Betty), numerous instances of feral cat behaviour - random scratching of Daddy (Charley), Running around the garden like lambs!

Award: Sooty: Most Posh
Betty: Most Snuggly
Charley: Best Mouser




Name: CiCi

Age: 2 and a half

Breed: Cockapoo

Job Role: Senior Office Morale Coordinator

Likes: Treats / Agility Classes / The beach / Tummy tickles

Dislikes: Putting on her raincoat / Strange noises from the outside / Cats

Lockdown Shenanigans: CiCi has kept spirits up around the house as both dog-mum & dad are working from home. The homemade agility course in the garden went down a storm. This lockdown thing is really working out for her as she gets her people home all day long!

Award: Best Pose



Name: Little

Age: 11 months

Breed: Calico cat

Job Role: Furloughed like my human. I'm keeping my human busy helping her with reading, crafting and napping!

Likes: Dreamies treats, my fish on a string toy and lots of attention.

Dislikes: Being brushed, being made to move off of the armchair and when the fire alarm goes off by mistake.

Lockdown shenanigans: On lockdown there has been lots of naps, confusion why everyone has been home a lot more and “helping” doing clear outs.

Award: Pinkest Nose




Name: Mouse

Age: 2 and a half

Breed: Half Pixie Bob / half Bengal

Job Role: The most helpful PA

Likes: Watching our hamster Pumpkin, lying on warm spots on the carpet, sitting on the roof, tuna from a tin, playing with her boyfriend Major from next door, being held like a baby.

Dislikes: the bin men, being touched when she is not in the mood, cheap cat food, being held like a baby!

Lockdown Shenanigans: Lockdown has encouraged her to like us being around more - so when we go for a walk around the block she comes with us - like a doggy - only not on the lead. She has also enjoyed a bit of dress up although the tail swishing may say otherwise!

Award: Swishiest Tail

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