January's dragging like a bitch!

Hey sexy bitches!

So January seems to be dragging like crazy doesn't it? Well its almost over and hopefully we can start looking forward to some nicer weather. 

Whilst its been a gloomy month with lots of rain and wind, its also been pretty amazing.

We've met lots of lovely brides and have already sold lots of dresses from the new collection which is very exciting. Weekend appointments are booking up quickly, so if you want to come and try on our new dresses then get in quick! 

Our New Pulp Fiction Dress is getting a lot of love <3

The New collection is almost complete and we have our photoshoot booked next month. We have two awesome locations lined up and lots of amazing people helping out on the day. I've brought even more colourful wigs to play around with (I'm getting addicted! the LCD wig collection is getting out of hand ) 

I've got the worst birthday ever! new years day...ouch! So this year I started my birthday and the new year with a horrible hangover which latest way too long BUT My wonderful boyfriend has brought me a trip to Venice! YAY! That made the hangover go away. So I will be off to wonderful Venice next week! Any recommendations? 

I'm looking forward to a busy few months in the studio. We are working on lots of exciting projects. I've started designing a range of LCD bags! Which will be made by an amazing local seamstress. I'm so excited to add on a few extras to the business. 

We are currently planning the fashion show for the new collection. I need someone to rein in my ideas! Otherwise we will end up with models riding in on llamas wearing top hats....Sounds Amazing!

Anyway, enough of me waffling on.

Have a lovely weekend

Lucy x 

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