Keeping warm at your winter wedding

We LOVE a winter wedding here at LCD! We would love a giant Christmas theme with Santa officiating the wedding. There are so many great reasons to get married in winter!

It can be cheaper!

Some venues and suppliers offer a cheaper rate during off peak wedding season.

Photos can be stunning!

We love a frosty shot! Or if you’re lucky a light bit of snow to really make your wedding photos pop! 

Avoid the summer heat!

I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting married in 40 degrees and sweating my tits off in my dress! 

Obviously most wedding venues have some good heating to keep you warm during your special day but with travelling, outside photography etc it can get a bit chilly.

So here are some top tips on ways to keep warm during your winter wedding!

Get yourself an awesome bridal jacket!


There are so many jacket options for brides nowadays! So, you can look awesome and keep warm at the same time!

You can go for leather and denim jackets where you can customise the design and writing on the back to make it special for your big day. We have lots of options right here at Lucy Can’t Dance.

We are magpies for sequins! So of course we would suggest getting an awesome sequin jacket for your big day! And who better then awesome Rosa Bloom

Or if you would like to be as snug as a bug in a rug then a lovely faux fur jacket is perfect! We love this one from Coast.  



Socks and Sandals!


That’s right! I’m suggesting socks and sandals! We actually LOVE the look of funky socks with wedding shoes. When done right it can look bloody awesome! We of course recommend a fun glitter sock! 

Warm those hands up!


Some sneaky hand warmers can really help you keep warm! If you are blessed and your wedding outfit has pockets, then these are a great shout! We love these cute reuseable ones from Oliver Bonas and Firebox.


Funky tights  


Adding a few extra layers can help add a little bit of warmth to the day. You can go for standard tights or even thermal tights to really keep it warm down there!

Or we also like these cool glitter & embellished ones by Wolf and Badger, Snag tights and Free people.



A Full bodysuit


If you’re looking for good shapewear and to look warm then this is the one for you!

This low back bodysuit is perfect for wedding dresses! It will also give you a cheeky layer of warmth! We love this one from Skims. Its available in lots of skin tones and stock sizes XXS-4XL.


So there are your tips to keep your breasticles from freezing!

 Let us know if you’ve had any wonderful ideas!

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