Lockdown Styled Photo shoot

We usually do a lot of styled photo shoots here at Lucy Can’t Dance. It’s sad to have to cancel some awesome ones we had planned.
So I decided it would be a funny idea to do a home quarantine styled photo shoot. I forced my fiancé to become a photographer and we had a good laugh.

We tried to show our lockdown highlights which are:

Snacking, Drinking, Sleeping, Eating, Cleaning, DIY, More Drinking, Watering dead plants, and more eating 


Model: Lucy Can't Dance
Makeup: Lucy Can't Dance
Hair: Lucy Can't Dance
Dresses: Lucy Can't Dance
Photography: Lucy Can't Dance's fiancé 
Venue: Lucy Can't Dance's house 
Beer: Chelmsford Brew Co Blueshack

Our Venom Dress & Our Moonshine Sequin top 

Our Moonshine dress

Our Creature Dress

Our Psycho Dress


Our Gold Fang dress 





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