Our first trunk show to Plymouth

Hello my cheeky little readers. I am currently writing this whilst making my 5 hour train journey home! Fingers crossed this will keep me entertained for a while. This weekend I had my first ever trunk show! It was very exciting bringing my dresses to a completely new location. I travelled all the way down to Plymouth, which is a beautiful place by the seaside. 

Trying to pack my suitcase was a difficult challenge. I played a game of Tetris trying to squeeze all my wedding dresses inside. Unfortunately I had to leave a few behind but I made sure to bring the most popular and colourful ones. I also brought a cheeky few dresses from the new collection to test out on the brides.

I booked a lovely hotel called the Crowne Plaza for my stay. The hotel had amazing views of the ocean and a cute little lighthouse. The hotel also had its own pool and sauna, which was a huge bonus. The hotel also has its own gym but ‘unfortunately’ I forgot to pack my running shoes so I had to lay in the big comfy bed stuffing my face with free chocolate instead…what a shame :D

My Trunk show was hosted at an amazing shop called The Wedding Hub. The shop is full of wonderful handmade wedding bits and bobs as well as a concession stand full of dresses from the awesome Rock the Frock.

Danielle who runs the shop is friendly and lots of fun. She made me feel completely at home during my stay and it was so lovely meeting someone so talented. Not only does she run this amazing shop but she also makes beautiful wedding stationary and also styles weddings.

Bits & Bobs from the shop 


After unleashing my dresses from the bulging suitcase and hanging them on the rail, Danielle and her friend took me out for drinks at a local pub. After many glasses of prosecco and meeting an 8 week old pug puppy (SO BLOODY CUTE) it was time to get some well deserved sleep before the busy day ahead.


All up and ready to meet lots of lovely brides at the first day of our trunk show.

After a lot of steaming the dresses are ready for todays 5 brides. It's so awesome to see so many colour choices In our collection now. 

It was so interesting meeting brides from this area of the country. You never know how well the style of your dresses will go down but I’m so happy with the response. My best friend Dave came down for the weekend to be my pretty little assistant. I’ve known Dave for over 10 years so it was lovely to spend some time with the cheeky little bastard.

So many brides fell in love with our dresses, which makes this trip so worthwhile. Our Heart of Glass dress, our two pieces and also one of our new colourful designs were very popular. 

After our busy nonstop day, we sat down for a cheeky glass of well deserved bubbly.

It would be rude not try out Plymouth’s nightlife so after a lovely bit of rum we hit some pubs for some tequilas. Don’t worry! We made sure we were back in bed by 3am to get our beauty sleep for Sunday’s appointments. 




Our first appointment wasn’t till 12 which meant a nice lay in and a lovely cooked breakfast at the hotel. Luckily my hangover wasn’t too brutal apart from feeling very sleepy.

The face of someone not wanting to get out of bed!


Sunday’s appointments went very quickly. I met 4 more lovely brides. It’s so nice to see our brand is getting well known from far away. We had a lot of people admitting they are Lucy Can’t Dance Instagram stalkers, which we love. I think Plymouth brides are looking for unique dresses and a lot were looking for a dress with a splash of colour.

After a long exciting day of appointments I packed up my dresses and headed back to the hotel for a relaxed night.

I kept being told about Plymouth’s famous food called Spicy Spuds. This I had to try! So I grabbed a box for dinner and stuffed my face. I highly recommend these tasty little spuds!


So I had a lovely time in Plymouth and I can't to organise more trunk shows around the UK

Now time to finish my long long journey home.

Peace Out

Lucy x

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