Our Mini Collection photoshoot

We cannot wait to share our cheeky mini collection with you! We’ve made 3 new dress designs inspired by our jungle print lace. We are in love with this lace! It has such a unique and modern print whilst feeling super soft and comfortable on your skin. We’ve made our new designs in sizes 14, 20 and 24. We are really trying to provide a wider range of sizes in our studio. We will be expanding even further with our next full collection which will be launched in January 2021 (unless 2020 gets even worse and the world is taken over by giant man-eating lizards! Who knows what will happen next)??

To keep our staff and brides safe during the pandemic we have made an effort to limit the amount of people coming into our studio. Through this we have all learnt new skills to adapt which has actually been really incredible. So for this shoot we have been the photographer, stylists, makeup/hair stylists and models. We hope you love our Frida Kahlo inspired shoot. The photoshoot was set in my conservatory where the sun was being a little bugger! But it actually turned out really well.

Our three new dresses are Lotus, Guava & Lychee. We also threw in a few other dresses to give the shoot a pop of colour. We have a brand new yellow slip which looks stunning!

Let us know which one is your favourite <3

Photographer: Lucy Can’t Dance

Makeup and hair: Lucy Can’t Dance

Stylist: Lucy Can’t Dance

Models: Sally & Lucy from Lucy Can’t Dance






with our olive green slip 




with our emerald green slip 




with our brand new yellow slip 



Our Pink Pulp Fiction dress

with our brand new Venus Rock lace top 

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