Retro mini studio shoot featuring our shoes from Miss L Fire

Hello you sexy bunch!

We are so excited to announce we are now stocking incredible shoes by Miss L Fire. I've been obsessing and drooling over their shoes for a few months now and wow they are even better in the flesh! We've been wanting to stock a range of shoes in the studio for a long time but were struggling to find the right brand. 

Miss L Fire shoes are the perfect match for our dresses. They are unique and come in a range of different colours. They are seriously the most comfortable heels i've ever worn which will make them perfect for your wedding day. 

I've been obsessing over the gorgeous gold Evangeline shoes for a long time! I finally have a pair myself and wow they are my favourite shoes EVER! Not only do they go with every outfit, but they are so comfortable too. I wore them all day and night to my friends wedding and they were perfect. I danced all night without having to change into flats. 

Stocking some fabulous new shoes meant it was a good excuse to have a photoshoot in our studio. We're almost finished decorating our brand new studio fitting room. This seemed like the perfect background to match the funky shoes. The fitting room style is Austin Powers's ginger shag pad. We've even got a ginger furry wall! IT'S AMAZING!!! 

We styled the shoot into a retro house party. We used disco balls, vinyl and cute champagne glasses to get the party started. 

Photography was by the amazing Maryann Morris Photography. This was our first time working with Maryann and it was lots of fun! She put a retro tinge to the photos to give them that authentic splash. 

Makeup was by our buddy Claire Marie Makeup! She mixed retro looks from the 60s with some modern twists. It was bloody boiling in that room so Claire did a great job keeping our faces from sweating off (haha maybe it wasn't the best idea covering walls in fur) 

I decided to have a go at modelling (pretending to drink and have fun at a party seemed right up my street). Along with beautiful Tillie Peel and my gorgeous assistant Lucy Eldridge. They both rocked it! 

Enjoy the photos :) 

If you like what you an appointment in our studio to try some on. 


Lucy x

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