Our Top 10 Alternative Cake Toppers

At Team LCD we are always looking at new and different ways to style weddings and give inspiration to our brides!
The joys of the internet means that there are hundreds of independent makers who are waiting to make your perfect wedding accessories. There are so many options to choose from, it can be an easy way to inject some of you and your partner’s personality into your wedding.
We think that it’s the little touches that really make a wedding feel special, and the right wedding cake topper is an easy way to make your guests smile. Gone are the days of a boring fruit cake with some figurines on top. With unlimited options for wedding cakes now, couples have free reign to choose whatever they please! Have a browse through some of our favourite cake toppers voted for by Team LCD.

 1. Dinosaur bride and groom 

 A totally rawsome T-rex Topper. Those dinosaurs looks like they are having the best time at their wedding!
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2. Pawsome pets

 This awesome company gives you the option to have your own fur babies made into cake toppers! What an awesome way to include them in your special day.

3. Cheeky Doughnuts

 How about a pair of shocked donuts that can’t believe they just got married?! I think this is my personal favourite. And it also means you can scoff a bloody donut on your wedding day!

4. creative slogans

Mutual weirdness forever! This whole ensemble is giving me all of the moody alternative feels.

5. Ducky Delight 

 Rubber Ducky bride and groom wedding cake toppers! When you’re finished with them keep them to accompany you when you’re having a soak in the tub.

6. Shit just got real 

Shit Just Got Real! Just to remind everyone on your wedding day, if they didn’t already know.

7. Zombies 

For those sci fi survivalist weddings! A spooky alternative to your average cutesy cake topper - a Zombie topper!

8. Bohemian Florals

Not into crazy weird cake toppers? There are so many options for floral cake toppers now you can still incorporate your personality and theme seamlessly.

9. For all you potter heads 

  1. For all the potterheads out there, nothing will ever beat this cake topper! I’m still not over it.

10. Lego 

 A cake topper of dreams. This company makes personalised lego wedding people and are super incusive! Check out their page on Etsy. I think it’s bloody brilliant.

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