Our top 10 photos of all time

As Summer is almost over and we are almost over the crazy busy time, we thought it would be a great idea to look back at our favourite images from our photoshoots before starting to design the brand new collection.

We have organised so many shoots through the years and it has been great fun reminiscing and looking back at all we have achieved.  I’m not going to lie, this year has been really stressful and difficult as we recover from the pandemic and now are thrown into a cost of living crisis. We are so grateful to still be doing what we love, especially as there are so many businesses that have had to close through the terrible times.

We thought it would be a great idea to bring some joy to us and our fellow LCD lovers to look back at some of the photos which really made us wee with excitement!

So here are our best photos from the past 7 years! We will do a poll on our stories so you can vote for your favourite!


The Milk Shoot

 Photography by Megan Elle

Without a doubt this has been one of our favourite shoots to date. We brought a stunning free standing bath on Facebook market place and chucked it in a really overgrown garden. There were weeds and thorns everywhere!!! We then filled the bath with milky water and flowers. Our Model Tillie was so so beautiful! To be honest it was so hard to pick just one photo from this shoot.


Psycho at the Gothical shoot

 Photography by Megan Elle

This shot is from our Gothical collection shoot. The theme of this collection was tropical & gothic. We got to shoot in this dream location! This is the green house within Writtle collage and it was just beautiful (and nice and toasty). This photo is of our Psycho dress. The reverse dip dye looks stunning on our model Sally. Megan’s signature photography tone works so well in this stunning setting.


The Hazy Daze Shoot

 Amy Davies Photography

I remember the first time I saw this photo! It blew my mind! Amy really captured something amazing here! The stunning colour of that sky really compliments the pink dip dye on our Peaches dress. Fun fact! Just before taking this photo…Amy almost got spat on by a llama! But it doesn’t stop her from taking epic photos!


Our first proper collection shoot

 Jodi Hannagan Photography

Wow this photo was from our very first big collection. This was the first time we designed and created a full bridal collection. We did the photoshoot in the most stunning house with lots of exciting rooms with awesome décor! Jodi captured this stunning photo of Tilly in one of the bathrooms. This is our Heart of Glass dress which is made up of hundreds of individually hand sewn lace flowers.



Cruella at the Gothical shoot

 Megan Elle Photography

We LOVE this shot of Tara from our Gothical shoot. Everything is just perfect: The bold black wedding dress Cruella; The stunning flowers in the background; Tara’s stunning tattoos and a flash of the gold shoes! Tara always looks stunning in our dresses!


The Studio 79 Shoot

 Photography by Mads Pierce

It was hard picking just one photo from our latest collection. We had to include a photo of our Wanda dress! The sequins are just out of this world! This shoot was taken in our newly decorated studio. Chloe looks absolutely perfect for this look.


The Funfair Shoot

 Megan Elle Photography

This was for our 2018 collection shoot. This was a stunning shoot at Adventure island theme park. We were so excited they agreed to let us come and shoot there. The colours and backgrounds were perfect for our colourful dip dye. This collection featured our Pulp Fiction dress in 3 different colours. This was and still is our best selling dress 5 years later.


The Cosmic Rodeo shoot

 Megan Elle Photography

This shot of our Spiders from Mars dress is one of our favourites. Sally looks so natural and stunning. This was for our Cosmic Rodeo collection. We need to make a newer version of this dress for our new collection! It was absolutely stunning!


The Sherbet Skies Shoot

 Photography by Amy Davies

We LOVE this photo from our Sherbet Skies shoot. Our Pink Lemonade dress really pops in front of the hundreds of birds hanging in the stunning venue ‘The Canary Shed’. This place was amazing! We even got to meet the most gorgeous doggo Ozzy! He even modelled for us.


The Amusement elopement shoot

 Khandie Photo

This was our first night time photoshoot and we LOVED It!!! We had a stroll along the amusements In front of the stunning lights. Khandie’s style is so unique! We were so excited to collaborate for a shoot and showcase some of our bridal separates. We love a neon sign here at LCD so this was a dream for us.

So which was your favourite???

We will host a poll on our Instagram stories to crown the best!





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