Product Photo Shoot

Hi fellow sweaty betty's! I hope you guys aren't melting in this heat as much as us! The studio really is a tropical paradise in the summer time. our candles are flaccid and our fans are fanning around hot hot air BUT we have some awesome new photos to distract you from your sweaty bits. 

We decided we needed a lot more photos to show you all of the colour combinations we have available. When we made the latest bridal collection we made lots of mix and match pieces for you to choose from. There are 157 ways to wear the new collection which is bonkers!

We teamed up with the dream Megan team! 

Megan Elle Photography & Model/Makeup artist Meg Biffin. 

We had a lovely day in the Lucy Can't Dance studio. Together we photographed lots of colours, accessories and different lace tops to show you exactly what we are about...choice! not every bride is the same, you all have individual styles, favourite colours, different body shapes and tastes. 

We pride ourselves in giving you lots of options so you can alter and custom the perfect dress for you. Not only do we have all of these colour options but you can change necklines, backs, sleeves, lengths etc....bascially we will hand make you the perfect dress! 

Thats enough of me waffling on while typing naked with three fans on me. 

Here are a few of our favourite pics! but we will be adding lots and lots to the product pages for you to feast your eyes on.

Enjoy :D



Pulp Fiction 


Bride of Frankenstein dip dye dress with our Rocky Horror veil 



The Regina George Pom Pom Crown 


Dazed & Confused

Dr Strangelove 

The wildfire crown 

Blade Runner


Space Odyssey 


 Midnight Cowboy 


The Mia Wallace Veil 

Sooooo many more photos to show this space
Lucy x








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