Real Bride Feature - Leanne

We've decided to start featuring some of our wonderful brides and their awesome weddings on our blog! 

So lovely Leanne is our very first one! Tomorrow is also her 1 year anniversary so this is a great way to look back at how bloody amazing her wedding was!!!

Leanne picked a high low version of our Atomic Skirt with a tango tastic orange dip dye and our Jaws lace top with a few custom changes. 

We asked Leanne a few questions about her day. Hopefully this will help you out planning your big day <3 

What was your theme and vision for the day?

When considering our theme and vision for our wedding, we knew that we wanted something that was unique and interesting that would reflect our styles and the things we enjoy. We decided on a destination wedding as we love to travel and knew we wanted to get married somewhere hot and sunny that was also within a fairly easy distance for family and friends to be able to attend. We settled on Dubrovnik in Croatia. We wanted the vibe to be as chilled and laid back as we are as a couple and to showcase our alternative style, stepping away from norms and cliches. 

What was your favourite part of the day?

Our photographer had the idea for a 'big reveal' of my dress to Joss and this was our absolute favourite part! Walking through the beautiful old town in my dress was like something out of a film.  I was so excited for Joss to see my dress for the first time and I love the photographs which really capture our emotions when he turned round at the top of the stone steps by the between the ancient city walls. We felt like celebrities walking towards the boat at the harbour to take us to Lokrum Island where the ceremony was held. Groups of tourists followed us taking pictures and our wedding planner and photographer explained that this was as people in Dubrovnik were not used to seeing such wedding outfits. Teamed with our tattoos, piercings and bright colours which were unusual to say the least -  the word 'theatrical' was used more than once!

why did you choose a Lucy Can't Dance dress and what was your experience? 

I had visited a few wedding dress shops locally, but nothing had called to me and I was on the search for something to really make a statement. It was actually Joss who found the Lucy Can't Dance website and as soon as I read that Lucy's dresses were made for alternative non-traditional brides, I knew this was the place for me. What really sealed the deal, was when I watched the video on the website where Lucy explained that she made dresses for 'people who don't like wedding dresses' - it was like she understood me! I had never imagined myself getting married and whilst many women have had their Pinterest boards ready and a vision in mind for years - this was not me. I wasn't sure what type of dress I wanted before I found Lucy and was put at ease once I had, drawn in by the dip-dye dresses in particular - something I had never considered before but knew I wanted immediately!


My experience was absolutely fantastic! The studio was cool and quirky and Lucy made me and my maid of honour feel really comfortable making a fab experience. She helped me to customise the most perfect wedding dress and everyone complimented how unique and different it was. I couldn’t have wished for a better dress! I chose an orange dip dye for my hair colour on my first visit was orange and to be honest the warm, burnt orange couldn't have worked better in the Mediterranean backdrop of Croatia.

What tips would you give couples who are about to get married? 

Do it for you and your partner and nobody else. You can't possibly please everyone and it is not your responsibility to do so. Surround yourself with those you love and want to be there and don't feel guilty for who you choose to invite (or not!). 

Consider a wedding planner, Ivana helped us out a lot and removed almost all of the usual wedding stresses. By doing this Ivana presented us with options for each major part, location, food, music etc.. and we could just pick our favourites, it was really easy and fun. 

Also, if you are getting married abroad, make sure you allocate time for you and your partner to be together especially after the wedding. Your family will have travelled a long way so they'll all want some time with you, so finding time to be a couple alone is very important.

Did you work with any incredible suppliers who made your wedding day incredible? 

I have already mentioned that we decided to get a wedding planner and Wed Our Way were absolutely fantastic, organising the wedding from start to finish, communicating with other suppliers and really taking our vision and making it a reality. They were always proactive and made the day run so smoothly. Our planner, Ivanna also helped us to take care of legal paperwork due to marrying abroad which was a huge weight off our shoulders. I couldn't be more pleased with the service they provided.

Out of all of our suppliers however, one stood out above the rest and that was our photographer, Barbara Tursan (Barbara Tursan Misic Photography). She was the perfect fit for us and after a skype call with her, we felt completely at ease. We loved her style and vision and above all she took the most beautiful pictures. We knew she was the one who would perfectly capture our special day. We were right of course and we even had a pre-wedding engagement style shoot in the early morning the day before our wedding in which she took us to all the best spots and took the most fantastic and dynamic photographs of us whilst the old town was quiet a free of other tourists. We also received a beautiful wedding box filled with our pictures as part of the package. We would recommend her to anyone and we have even kept in touch since the wedding!

Looking back, would you do anything differently? 

I don't think we would do anything differently - It's hard to critique a day that we enjoyed so much!

Leannes photographer was Barbara Tursan Misic 

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