Real Bride Feature: Tiffany

Evening Everyone!

It's that time again! We love to celebrate and shout about our real brides. We absolutely love looking at wedding photos! It makes us so happy and proud to see our dresses in action. 

We've asked some of our real brides some questions about their big days. We hope these will inspire you and help you get excited for your big day ❤️

Todays bride is beautiful Tiffany who picked our Dark Matter wedding dress. Tiffany's answers brought a tear to our eyes. Her wedding was amazing! So take a look and let us know what you love best. 


1. Tell us about your theme and vision for the day.

 I wanted to have a handmade, relaxed vibe for the day. I made virtually all of our decor, which we spent the day before in the hot sun putting up in our yurt! I couldn’t decide on a colour theme, and it was actually my bridemaid’s Toni’s dress that made me settle on rainbow! Her bridesmaids dress was the first thing we actually bought for the wedding, and it fit in beautifully with the vibe of the wedding! I wanted something that said fun & cool, like a festival. We’re not a couple of heirs and graces, so our wedding shouldn’t be something that didn’t feel authentic to us. We had karaoke, pizza, an open pit fire, tattoo station, live music from a local band, Chordz Project. We didn’t have a first dance (neither of us really felt comfortable doing this) and we did all our own music on the day by curating playlists - one of my favourite bits of planning the wedding! Our wedding felt relaxed, fun and true to us! 


2.  What was your favourite part of the day?

 Obviously the best bit was doing the “I do’s”! The nervousness I felt in the taxi to the wedding slipped away and I felt hyped standing up in front of everyone! And our evening reception was a banger! We had an awesome playlist, and I didn’t stop dancing all evening! My wedding dress was filthy by the end of the night (the downside of having an outdoors wedding in a field!) but I had the best time at my wedding! And then finally, and it’s weird to say, the bus home, everyone was quite merry, and it eventually turned into a bus of about 60 people singing Sweet Caroline. I remember thinking to myself that it’s a once in a lifetime chance to have everyone you love all in the same place enjoying themselves, it’s a really special feeling.  


3. Why did you choose a Lucy Can’t Dance dress and what was your experience?


Originally I went to a wedding dress shop in Jersey, and it’s a fairly small island, so options are quite limited. I knew roughly what I wanted, but was struggling to find something in traditional bridal shops. I thought I had found my dress in this shop. A couple of weeks later, having not put a deposit down, I had a chat over pizza with my mum who basically said “it isn’t really you, why don’t we try somewhere in the uk?” And that’s when I found Lucy Can’t Dance. We booked plane tickets & and appointment, and I think on the day, I tried on 4 dresses and then I found Dark Matter. Once we’d left the appointment, I cried. And my mum cried. And my maid of honour cried, and that’s how I knew that my LCD dress was “the dress”. I’ve always struggled with my body image, being plus size, I’m used to not really being able to just walk into a shop and buy something. But staring at myself in the mirror in Lucy’s studio, something in my mind changed. I looked at myself and saw a beautiful bride, something I had anxiety about from the moment I got engaged, I was worried that I wasn’t bridal enough to be a bride. And I was worried that I would end up having to settle, and with Lucy’s dresses, it’s the furthest you can get from settling. I felt like a bride, and I embraced my body, my curves, my lumps & bumps. My dress freed me from years of self-consciousness, and doubt about my own body. The size-less approach Lucy takes to dresses is a real breaker in the wedding industry, it’s an acknowledgement that the curvy bride is just as bridal as anyone else, and it meant I could find a dress that I only had dreamed of!




4. What tips would you give couples who are about to get married?

In the run up to the wedding I was getting stressed about the little details - the pots of flowers didn’t look right, something wasn’t quite the right shade of green, things didn’t look organised - and truthfully? None of that matters! No one goes to a wedding and says “oh my god, did you see that cake stand? It didn’t match the cutlery”. Don’t sweat the small stuff, no one notices the colours of things, or if things aren’t quite what you planned. What matters is the atmosphere you create! I had so many people message me after the wedding to say it was the best wedding they’d been to, and it’s not because of my slightly wobbly hand painted signs...! Also, my only other tip, on the day, just after you get married, take 10-15 minutes to be alone with your new husband/wife. I promise you, this private moment is great to decompress, and to spend some time together that is incredibly intimate and special, you’ll never be “just married” again! (Also the amount of time you’ll spend with your new spouse after the actual ceremony is MINIMAL! After we got married, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see my husband again until we sat down for dinner, and then probably again on the walk back to the bus to take us all home!) oh, and if you can afford it, get a videographer! They are pricey, but get one! It’s amazing being able to relive our wedding through a video! 




5. Did you work with any incredible suppliers who made your wedding day incredible?

So our photographer (Holly Louise Smith - @hollysmithweddings) was incredible! Our videographer (Luminary Films @luminaryfilmsjersey), our catering was from Pizza Projekt (@pizzaprojektjersey) Chordz Project (@chordzproject) for the music on the day and our cake maker Pretty Baked (@cathieanders_aka_prettybaked), our amazing florist Woodside Florist (@woodsideflowersfarmshopjersey) and finally our yurt provided by my absolute dream team Pedz & Corrine (@jersey_organic_yurts)



6. Looking back, would you do anything differently? 

I think I would have spent less time in the run up to the wedding stressing. Of course there is unavoidable stress, but little details don’t matter! I also would have picked my battles - A lot of people will try and force their views on you, their visions, their assumptions, by the end of the planning process you’ll be quite used to hearing “oh...well that’s not how other weddings I’ve been to have been done”. Politely remind them it’s your wedding, and it’ll be done how you want it done. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers and doubters! If they’re really that irked by it, do you even want them there on the day anyway? Don’t get dragged into drama! I also probably would have eaten a bigger breakfast... probably explains why I got quite drunk, quite quickly! 

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