Real Bride Story: Elena

Beautiful Elena got married in June this year and WOW doesn’t she look incredible!!! Elena picked our Tutti Frutti dress with a hot pink dip dye slip. We are in LOVE with Elena’s honesty with being a plus size bride in the wedding industry. Her wedding looks full of colour and love! Let us know what you love best!

We asked Elena all about her wedding and her chosen outfit.


Please tell us about your wedding day look.

I struggled a lot with this because of an identity crisis after having two babies less than 2 years apart. Thankfully my Hen night pulled me back to myself and I pulled it all together working with incredible suppliers, all used to working with someone who wanted something "alternative". I think everyone managed to bring out the best in me and made my dress the star of the show.

Shouts to: Heidi at Glorious by Heidi for last-minute custom "edgy and bold" earrings to go with my dress and my headpiece. Eve Jenkins MUA for my hair and makeup (and who did half the buttons up on my dress!), Katie France London for my custom Love Bomb bag for my "something blue" and my florist Roxie at Petal and Press for delivering something quite far away from her usual, for my bridal bouquet (and venue florals). Oh and of course there's no being comfortable in the heat without a pair of Snag Chub Rub shorts! 

 Why did you choose a Lucy Can’t Dance dress?

I didn't want the norm. I wanted something contemporary and edgy and something that I felt suited me. Oh and I needed to be comfortable as well as stylish and perfectly made. It was really a no-brainer once I found her on Instagram.


How was wedding planning? 

My main "issue" was finding out I was pregnant about a week after booking our wedding and that our baby was due around our wedding date! Thankfully - we just shifted everything to a new date! 

Other than that I'm organised and creative - oh and I was on maternity leave - so I delved into every tiny detail and loved it! I even designed and wrote an 8-page newspaper meer weeks before our wedding date. 


Please tell us all about your dress experience

Lucy helped me from afar. With a supplier up in the NW ordering my dress and doing my measurements I still wanted to be a part of the Lucy Can't Dance crew so I liaised directly with Lucy. Asking for advice on shapes, laces, shades of colours, choosing necklines etc. It was so easy but I was gutted that I couldn't visit the team in person but with a baby and a toddler at home it was never going to be an option. 
I live life in a bigger body. We aren't catered for in so many ways, especially in the world of weddings! Lucy makes dresses for everybody - for all bodies. At no point did I feel like my shape or size was an issue. I have no idea what "size" my dress was. I did not lose weight for the wedding, I just wanted to feel my best self. I am a mum of two with a newfound mobility and chronic pain issue, living life in a body that society wants me to hate but that gave me two incredible little humans and a body that my husband loves in any form. Thank you Lucy - you helped give me a wedding dress that made me feel a way I never thought possible, especially at 43 in a body very different to what I had when I met my husband. 


What was your favourite part of the day?

We went on a date in the middle of our wedding. We had cake and coffee at my friend's cafe, Lovelocks. A mocktail and chat bombs outside our favourite restaurant, Mowgli. We popped into our favourite bar, Jimmys, to grab photos in the photo booth and then we walked down Bold St to standing ovations and cheers, waves from people inside restaurants and even selfies from people passing by. Honestly, I felt like an absolute boss. I felt incredible. Our photographer told me that so many people during our walk about town were saying how beautiful my dress was and I felt like I was on cloud 9. 

Our walk had a destination - it wasn't our reception though. Across the road from our reception is a very cool social club called PINS. We popped in for a game of bowling just us and our photographer Andrew. It was on my mind in the lead-up that I would want to do this but I didn't mention it to anyone until a few hours beforehand. Honestly, it was so much fun. Bride and Groom up on the scoreboard; we've never played so well, strikes and spares were flying. It made us a little bit late for our reception, but it was 100% worth it. 

Photography by Andrew A B Weddings 

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