Sunflower Field Photo shoot

Hey beautiful people! 

So I had an amazing time at our photo shoot Frolicking in a field of sunflowers like a crazy person. An amazing team came together and the results are incredible! So incredible when I caught a glimpse of the photos I think a little bit of wee came out! (I didn't actually piss myself) 
This photo shoot gave me the excuse to work crazily through the night to make a new wedding dress design. I came up with this ivory lace floaty chiffon dress with an illusion back and a short underskirt. We also took our blue dip dye dress Lola out for another shoot. 
Sally was my muse and model again (she can look good wearing a bin bag so it doesn't matter what I throw on her)
I've been wanting to create some flower crowns for a long time and this was my chance! My first attempt wasn't as bad as I expected. I decided on lots of Ivy leaves and some bright red, yellow and white flowers (i'm so crap with flowers that i can't even remember what type they are but oh well) Also i attempted to make my own bouquet, which was harder then I thought. Thinking that i could just bunch some flowers together did not go to plan but after lots of fighting and swearing I finally made something that resembles a bouquet. I picked some lovely sunflowers to match the field. 
For the makeup we had the amazingly talented Zoe Cornwell Who gave this dramatic look inspired by the colours of the flowers. I Love the bright yellow eyeshadow and red lip combo! Zoe also did an amazing job curling up Sally's hair which worked so well with the flowers.
So off to the field we went! battling the rainy weather that decided to be a bastard today! But really the grey clouds gave us so much drama that it worked perfectly. Our photographer for the day was Seun from Figment Media. He brought bags of Haribo with him so he was a winner for us already. 
Sally looked absolutely gorgeous when we put her in the dress. It worked so well with the beautiful fields around us. 
We then spent a few hours photographing in different areas on the field trying to get as much footage before the sun came down. I ran around the field filming all of our shoot. Watch out for my Behind the scenes video...coming soon. 
Seun did such an amazing job editing the photos. If you want a dramatic photoshoot done with some edge then he is your man! 

Now you've seen and heard what we got up to....Now take a look at the results <3

Here's a few of my favourite snaps

Dresses - Lucy Can't Dance

Flower Crown - Lucy Can't Dance

Model - Sally Cumberworth 


Photography – Figmentmedia

Hair and Makeup – Zoe Cornwell


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