The 2018 New Collection Launch Party

Good evening you sexy bums! 

Wow what a weekend we have had! If you didn't see the millions of shout outs about our new collection launch party and fashion show then where the hell have you been?

We had such an awesome time at the launch of our new collection. The turn out was bloody amazing! It was so incredibly touching to see so many people come to support us. 

There are so many people to thank!! So il just tell you about all the people that made the night a huge success. 

We had 9 beautiful and confident women modelling for our fashion show! Thank you! you were all so lovely to work with. You guys rocked the catwalk. I can't wait to work with you all again.

Chloe Papworth, Sally Cumberworth, Van Warner, Tia Marney, Tara Clarke, Tilly Bachelor, Megan Biffin, Lucy Buckley & Molly Dee Chase. 

Thank you to my beauty dream team! We had Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride, Claire Marie Makeup & Claire from Luxurious Hair & Beauty. You guys worked like the speed of light. The hair and makeup was a lovely mix of different styles to suit each models individual style. 

For this catwalk show I wanted a mix of styles & body shapes to show that anyone can wear our dresses. It's important to show how versatile our dresses are and to show different body sizes that the audience can relate to. 

Thank you to to our amazing Stylists Rock the Day Wedding Styling & Vintage Garden Weddings. When we told Laura from RTD our vision for the fashion show I'm sure like everyone she was slightly confused haha! But crazy and weird is what we're all about. We asked for a tropical paradise mixed with film noir and dinosaurs. :D But they knew exactly what I meant. I ordered some beautiful new feather trees from VGW which added lots of bold colours to the show. They also brought their amazing Moon photo booth which I am obsessed with. 

Thanks to the amazing Jodi Hanagan for coming to take beautiful photos! I know you had a long day so we really appreciate you coming all the way to our fashion show to help out. YOU ROCK! 

Thank you to the stunning tropical arch by The Flower Arranger. This was the perfect backdrop for our catwalk show. It was huge, tropical and very Lucy Can't Dance. 

Thank you to Anthology Vintage Hire for letting us borrow your beautiful chairs. Those babies were completely full after only 10 minutes :O 

Thank you to Light Up Letters for letting us borrow your big L C D lights! They really made a statement by our entrance! 

Thank you to Erectile Disco Function for playing tunes for our night. We loved our Tarantino style catwalk playlist! 

Thank you to The Transition for letting us borrow your beautiful venue. 

Thank you to my amazing team!

My second in command my other Lucy who was such an amazing trooper all day. She really helped make the whole day run smoothly. 

Thanks to Chuck for all your help keeping us all fed, watered and happy all day. Thanks to Liam for being our amazing van man! who ran all around town for us. 

Here are some lovely photos taken by Jodi Hanagan

Also you can have a sneak peek at some of our brand new bridal accessories. We are organising a big photo shoot so we can launch them properly. 

Enjoy <3 


And here are some cheeky Phone photos <3 

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