The First Lucy Can't Dance Film

 Hey Party People 

Last month I organised my first Lucy Can’t Dance Film (with a sneaky photo shoot added on)

I’ve always wanted to make a short film to showcase my dresses and here it is! You can really see the movement in the dresses which you can’t always see in picture form.

My inspiration and style for the shoot was tropical, colourful and sassy as Fuck models! I always like to use confident and exciting women in my shoots because I want their personalities to be as bold as the dresses.

I’m not a great lover of cheese (and I don’t mean the food) So I wanted to stay far away from cheesy smiles, white tuxedos and choreographed dirty dancing lifts.

 So instead I’ve made a colourful smoke bomb infused film with tropical plants, feather trees, hammocks, prosecco, crazy dancing, a giant pile of cushions, 3 awesome models and a vineyard. It was an amazing sunny day and somehow my pale ginger skin didn’t turn to ash. The wind was however not our friend on the day. Props and plants were flying all over the place, but thank god it wasn’t raining!

Our local group of suppliers in Essex are so amazing! We have so many powerful, talented and inspiring women who have started their own unique wedding businesses. I was so happy they all wanted to collaborate with my idea for this shoot.

The Film

 Now for the Photos


For the shoot I decided on my 5 favourite dresses. 

Heart of Glass:

Heart of Glass is by far my favourite design. 800 hand sewn flower appliques and a subtle grey dip dye tulle skirt. Chloe looked amazing in this dress and it looked beautiful walking down our rug aisle.

Jungle Fever:

A full tropical lace dress with long sleeves and a beautiful low back. I had a crazy fit when I found this amazing lace! It’s so unique and is so popular with our brides. It worked so well with the tropical styling for this shoot.

Ziggy Stardust:

Ziggy is our bold and eye catching orange dip dye dress. The dress is made from beautiful silk fabric with a tropical lace top and low v neck back.


Lola is our blue dip dye high-low style dress with an illusion back with beautiful lace and button details. The blue dip dye skirt really pops in these photos and video.

London Calling:

This dress is always lots of fun to wear. The tassel sleeves makes you feel like a real cowboy and you cant help but flap around like a bird. Our Model Tillie was pulling some crazy shapes.

Models, Hair and Makeup

 We used 3 beautiful and different models for our shoot. Tillie, Chian and Chloe. We had a beautiful range of hair colours, which gave Lisa Alger (the hair stylist) lots to play around with. I made two flower crowns for the shoot and we also borrowed a beautiful gold headpiece from Ps with love. Lisa is an actual hair styling machine. She can whip up an amazing hairstyle in minutes. She created three different up looks which worked perfectly with the style of shoot.

Makeup was by the fabulous Claire Marie Makeup. I asked for colour and wow she brought it! She used bright purples, reds and blues to match the colourful flowers and compliment the unique colours within the dresses. She added some gold details and bold lips.

Words from Claire (makeup artist Claire Marie Makeup)

"Lucy Can't Dance is all about fun, lots of colour and a little bit quirky. Therefore I wanted that to show through the makeup as well. I used lots of bright fiery colour clashing tones to tie into her stunning dresses and the beautiful backdrops."

Words from Ps with Love (head jewellery)

“The ‘Esme’ botantical headpiece from our ‘Woodland collection’  is handwired using an abundance of handmade soft clay flowers and leaves in a golden finish with just a touch of swarovski crystal.  Worn here with our ‘Adeline’ hairvine with golden clusters of floral details, tiny swarovski pearls and beautiful draping chain.”

Photography & Videography

Photography was by Megan Elle Photography. When I first saw these photos I almost spat my coffee across the room. Her style of shooting is so beautiful and unique. Her colours are bold and she captured some amazing moments. The film was shot and edited by Kai Newton. I thought our big group of loud women might scare him…or model Tillie flopping her nipple out to make us laugh but he powered through and his work is exactly what we all hoped for.

It was quite a struggle shooting a film and photography at the same time but they both synchronised well and both got some amazing footage without being in each other’s way.

Flowers & Plants

The Flower Arranger was our florist for this shoot. I asked her to make a lovely tropical bouquet and then she came with THREE... Yes THREE beautiful and unique bouquets. Sapphire will really work her tits off for you! I highly recommend her! The mix of bold colours, tropical leaves and stunning flowers (which i couldn't stop touching) worked so well and complemented the styling of the shoot perfectly. The videographer was almost knocked out with Chloe & Tillie throwing the bouquets towards the end of the shoot. Those girls have a good arm!

Sapphire Also made a beautiful tropical leaf arch for the end of our rug asile and brought lots of amazing plants to use in each scene. Plants were essential to this shoot. The wind was not our friend on the day. Plants were being blown over constently but I think we got some good exercise. 

Styling & Props

The amazing Rock the Day Styling team styled the shoot. Laura is a genius at collecting amazing props and styling scenes perfectly. She added a bohemian feel to the shoot with the rugs and candleholders. The rug and cushion aisle was an amazing idea that works well within the theme.

Vintage Garden Weddings made some wonderful props for the shoot. They customised the huge hammock with orange tassels which really stood out amoungst the green plants. They also made the amazing blue feather tree, which I am obsessed with. (I’ve stolen it for my studio) The feather tree is so bold and looked amazing with the blue dip dye dress.

 Words from Laura from Rock the Day Styling

'Rock the Day we're delighted to be part of LCD's video & photo shoot showcasing Lucy's new collection! The styling was a colourful boho combination with a mix of Bowie! We used lots of plants from TFA & props from Vgw to create a bohemian jungle vibe to the Railway Barn & I must admit our hammock pimped up by VGW looked amazing amongst the greenery! The outside areas were styled with cushions & rugs to create a laid back festival vibe. The overall look came out better than we imagined but it was down to the fab team involved & Megan's amazing shots!'

Words from Vintage Garden Weddings

“In the whole project we also used our hanmade dreamcatchers, paper fans to create tropical scenery, peacock chair and rugs to add a bit of bohemian feel, cushions for snugly seats and rugs for the ceremony area.”


We had the pleasure of shooting at New hall Vineyards. This place is stunning and has beautiful features inside and out. I also got to play with lots of dogs which made me like the place a million times more. The venue had a beautiful barn where we shot a few different scenes. We also took advantage of their beautiful fields of vines.



Music from this video was by local band Mandeville. The song is called Lucia and it was perfect for the video. The idea for the video was to start off soft and sassy but then as the music changes and gets faster and more energetic, the film too would progress to crazy, fun and colourful madness. I loved being able to use a local amazing band who are so talented.




Dresses: Lucy Can’t Dance

Videography: Kai Newton

Photography: Megan Elle Photography

Styling: Rock the Day Styling

Makeup: Claire Marie Makeup

Hair: Lisa Alger

Florist & Plant Styling: The Flower Arranger

Props: Vintage Garden Weddings

Flower crowns: Lucy Can’t Dance

Jewellery: Ps with love

Music: ‘Lucia’ by Mandeville

Venue: New Hall Vineyards

Models: Chloe Papworth, Tillie Peel and Chian Reynolds








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