Top 10 Wedding Cake Ideas

Hi Everyone!

So the weather is now freezing! time for onesies and mulled wine. so Instead of moaning about how cold we are, let us talk about the wonderful world of CAKES! Now I've got your attention! 

I’ve been searching through the Internet finding amazing and unique wedding cakes. There are so many cool ideas nowadays! You don’t have to go for the traditional white cake anymore. There are so many amazing companies creating exciting and tasty cakes to match your theme and style.

 So here are my favourite 10.

The Doughnut tower

You don't even have to have a wedding cake anymore! Stacks of doughnuts have become very popular! This beautiful woodland display of doughnuts works really well. A great idea for couples on a tight budget. Everyone loves a doughnut so I'm giving this 'cake' a strong 8/10

Cake by – Dough Brooklyn


 The Tropical Dip Dye Cake

A dip dye wedding cake with tropical leaves and flamingos!!!! Wow this cake was made for me! The ombre effect works beautifully here! perfect for a tropical themed wedding. I give this cake a 10/10  

Cake by – Studio Cake


The Rainbow layer cake 


Wow this eye-catching rainbow layered cake is a great way to spice up your wedding! if you like bright colours then this is the cake for you! I give this cake a 7/10 

Cake by – One Charming Party


The Golden Pineapple Cake


You cant get any better then a giant golden pineapple cake! The creamy inside looks very tasty. The details are so incredible, it actually looks like a real pineapple. This gets a 9/10

Cake by – Adorn Cakes

 The Berrytastic Cake

 Perfect for a woodland, natural and boho style wedding! This is a DIY cake. If you are on a strict budget then this is perfect! just lots of beautiful layers of victoria sponge covered in berries and wild flowers! The colours are so beautiful and bright. I give this a 7/10

 The Chocolate Dripping Macaron Cake

If you want colours, chocolate, flowers and added macarons then this is your cake! The pastel colours are eye-catching and the dripping chocolate really makes it stand out from other cakes. This is perfect for a couple with a sweet tooth! I give this an 8/10

Cake by – Notonthehighstreet

The Tropical Leafy Cake


A simple cake with beautiful decorations. I love the green tropical leaves and woodland stand. I give this cake a 8/10

Cake by – Taste Fiji

The Bohemian Forest Cake 

This woodland forest theme cake is absolutely stunning! the use of feathers, berries and woodland flowers works really well. I love the rustic look of the cake. Perfect for a boho inspired wedding! I give this cake a 9/10 

Cake by – Marie Green Cakes

The Epic Oreo Tower

Wow!!!! A whole tower of Oreo's!  cheap, easy and bloody yummy! Everyone will be impressed with this! It could even beat the famous Ferrero Rocher tower. I give this a strong 9/10

The Blackboard Cake

I keep seeing beautiful blackboard cakes recently, this one has been finished beautifully. A blackboard cake is a really cool way to make your wedding unique! You can customise it however you want. I will give this cake a 10/10

Cake by – Deliciously Decadent Cakes


Hope this has got your belly rumbling! Now go eat some cake! <3


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