Top tips for your first bridal appointment

 So it’s your first bridal appointment!!! YAYY!

For some people this is the most exciting thing EVER! But for a lot of people, it can be a very daunting experience. Some completely dread having to find the perfect dress (especially people that may not wear many dresses in everyday life). Here are some top tips on how to make your first experience as painless as possible.


1. Don’t bring too many people with you!

Sometimes too many people with too many opinions can be very overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to hear your own voice and you can easily get persuaded in a different direction. Stick to your guns!


2. Be selective with who you bring!

Only bring people who are going to hype you up. Don’t bring anyone that will bring you down or criticise you. There have been a few times here at LCD where I’ve wanted to punch a mum because of some hurtful comments she made about her own daughter’s body. We don’t want that in our studio! It is all about body confidence and feeling great! Bring people who understand your style and vision.


3. Try different shapes and styles on!

We always like to try different shapes and styles on our brides! It’s good to see the different options available to find that dream dress. You may be surprised about what you do and don’t like. Sometimes brides will want one thing and then actually order a completely different style.


4. Just because you don’t cry, it doesn’t mean it’s not the dress!

TV shoes like the USA’s ‘Say yes to the dress’ can dramatise what it is really like! We would say that most people don’t cry when they find their dream dress. It all depends on how emotional you are as a person! You will know when you find the one! It’s the dress that no other one compares to! It’s the dress that makes you feel like the very best version of yourself!


5. Bring some good underwear!

This isn’t a necessity, but it is a good idea to help you visualise the finish product (especially in the boob department). If you want to wear a strapless or stick on bra, it is great to wear one to try dresses on. That way you can really see what low backs and lace details look without being distracted by bra straps. We would say nude seamless underwear is the best!


6. Do your research!

If you are nervous about what sample size shops stock, ring up or email and ask! You do not want to get there and realise there is nothing in your size to try on. Depressingly there are still a lot of bridal shops that do not cater to plus size brides, it’s astonishing and disgusting that this happens! It can really knock your confidence if you must constantly try on dresses which are 4 sizes too small. Research designers you like the look of! And beware that you may have to travel far to try on that dream dress!


So there is our top tips to help you have the best time ever at your first bridal appointment. We are always here and happy to give advice if you have any questions!

Lucy <3

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