Trending Colour Scheme - Tequila Sunrise

One of our popular dip dye colours this year has been ‘Tequila Sunrise’. This stunning mix of yellow, orange and red really brings a bold splash of colour to your wedding day. This is an awesome colour gradient to find matching accessories and décor. Having this as the base of your colour scheme really helps tie everything together.

Inspiration – the cocktail


The colour obviously comes from that famous cocktail ‘Tequila Sunrise’

The stunning mix of colours from the orange juice and grenadine give a refreshing tropical feel which makes us all want to go ‘out out’ and get drunk.

The Process

We have been dyeing dresses for many years now. We do LOVE when we get to make two or even three tone dip dyes. The process is a lot longer and you have to be so careful you get the colours nice and gradual and don’t create lines. With the tequila Sunrise dip dye we start with a golden yellow and then really gradually add fire red. We absolutely love this colour. 

Styling a tequila sunrise dip dye


The shoes

There are so many awesome colour choices you can choose to go with this colour scheme.

We really love either gold, red or orange!

We absolutely love the shoe choice from Esska. They are super comfy and also so bloody beautiful. They have a huge range of colours and fabrics to choose from. We are in love with the Charlie designs. We especially like the velvet red and rust options which would work perfectly with our tequila sunrise dip dye.

The headpiece

We think gold looks incredible with this colour scheme! A bold dress deserves a bold statement headpiece! We are obviously obsessed with ‘The lucky sixpence’! Their Stars and Moon crown is so beautiful!

Bridesmaid dresses


Now this is where you can have lots of fun! We love bridesmaids in different shades of colours. It helps mix them up a bit (especially if you have a herd of them) Here you can really mix it up and pick autumnal colours which will complement the brides dress perfectly. We also love all full red dresses which pick up the very bottom colour at the hem of the dress. We love these bridesmaid dresses by Rewritten.  


Having such a great colour scheme really helps your florist! They can pick such beautiful flowers to enhance your colours even more. Our best advice is to tell the florists styles & colours you like and then let them do their thing! They know flowers work best, what flowers are in season and what works best with what. Use their expertise.

We are in LOVE with this bouquet and floral display by the amazing Wildrose Florist. They are full of bold beautiful flowers which really compliment the scheme.

The Real Brides


Now we’ve finished chit chatting about what goes best…Lets see some real brides in action on their wedding day who picked ‘Tequila Sunrise’

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