Upcycle Project: Granny Shirts

Hey Everyone!

So here is one of my upcycle tutorials to inspire you to get creative with old clothes.

I am very passionate about upcycling! It’s a great way to recycle old clothes, get your creative juices flowing and produce amazing unique pieces of clothing to add to your collection.

It’s also very cheap! During this upcycle I made two new tops for around £7. I love charity shops as they are a great way to find cheap old clothes to upcycle.

So in today’s tutorial I have upcycled two old granny shirts I brought from a charity shop for 50p each! Bargain! I loved the bold colours and thought these were a great starting point for an upcycle.

I decided I would turn these granny shirts into cool tassel cowboy inspired tops!

All you need for this upcycle is:

  • A shirt (your own or go down to your local charity shop)
  • 1/2 metre tassel trim (go to a sewing shop, or Ebay)
  • 1/2 metre funky trims (sewing shop or ebay)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine (you can hand sew this)

I am addicted to buying tassels, pom poms and other funky little trims! This means i have a whole draw full to play around with.

If you don’t have this addition don’t worry! Go down to your local habadashary shop and pick some exciting trims to decorate your shirt with. These are usually very cheap! Around £2 a metre for tassels and £1 a metre for funky trims.

Step One!

How long do you want your shirt?

My granny shirts were quite long and had big ugly pockets in the front! So I decided to turn them into funky crop shirts. Once you have decided how long you want your shirts, get cutting in a straight line. Once you have the desired length hem the bottom using your sewing machine.

Step Two!

Sleeves? Do you want them or not?

I have made one shirt with sleeves and one shirt without. If you would like a sleeveless shirt then cut the sleeves off leaving 2cm of fabric over the sleeve line. Fold your extra fabric around the sleeve and sew a 1cm stitch to keep it all neat and tidy.

Step Three!

It’s Tassel Time!! Decide where you want your tassels to go. I was inspired by retro cowboy shirts and went for decorative tassels around the chest line. Choose your tassel trim and measure out how much you will need. Pin the tassels onto your shirt and sew them into place with your sewing machine. Repeat on the other side!


Step Four!

To jazz up the shirt even more I have added another decorative trim above the tassel line. You can be as crazy as you want. You can add no more trim or cover the whole shirt in tassels! This is where you can have lots of creative fun!

Other creative ideas for your shirt!

  • Change the buttons
  • Add trim to the collar
  • Add tassels to the bottom of your shirt
  • Add appliques   

So many different things you can do!

So heres my finished upcycle! Please send me yours!


Hope you liked it!

Lucy <3


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