Wedding Agony Aunt. Volume 1

I’ve started this Wedding Agony Aunt Blog so I can try and help you all with any wedding related problems! I have changed all names to keep identities a secret. Here are the first few…

 To Lucy Can't Dance

 I’m a bridesmaid and my friends wedding is coming up this Winter. I have pretty crazy coloured hair and the bride thinks it won’t suit her colour scheme of the wedding. She is also worried that my hair will stand out too much in photos and take away attention from her. She’s asking me if I can dye my hair a ‘normal’ colour or wear a wig. Is It me or is this a bit harsh?

I’m quite self conscious about my looks, I’ve always had crazy coloured hair and I know I will feel horrible and not myself if I have to dye it to a normal colour. I don’t want to miss out being a bridesmaid for a good friend but should I have to change myself completely for one day?

 From XXX



 WOW! This is a little harsh. As a good friend she should know that your hair colour is your style and it would be unfair to want to change who you are. You shouldn’t have to change yourself just for some wedding photos. If she was a true friend she should love you and accept you for you.

I have bright ginger hair that stands out like a beaming carrot! I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends wedding last year. I had the only crazy coloured hair and it still looks good In the photos. The attention will always be on the bride and groom and no crazy coloured hair will change that. She never made me feel bad or even mentioned hair colour.


Take a look at my crazy hair in this photo. Does it look strange? No!:

 My advice would be to sit her down and explain your insecurities. If she’s a good friend she will understand but if things go sour and she does not agree then you always have the option of attending the wedding as just a guest.

Fingers crossed you get this sorted out. It is horrible having so much drama around what’s meant to be a nice celebration.

Lucy <3


Dear Lucy Can’t Dance

I really want a big quirky wedding but I haven’t got a huge budget. We haven’t got much financial help from our families so we have to pay for a lot ourselves. How can I get the wedding of my dreams without spending loads of money?

From XXX



 Weddings can be so expensive nowadays but there is a way to save a few bob. The main expense will be the venue so that’s where you should start. Have a look around your local area and do a lot of research online to find a good location at a good price.

To save money I really do recommend to DIY!

There are so many DIY wedding decoration ideas on wonderful pinterest that are easy and effective! Here are some cool quirky diy decoration ideas I’ve found:

DIY Pom Pom garlands


 DIY Tassels <3 

 The nice thing about making your own decorations is that you can make them exactly how you want and you will also feel good knowing you’ve made them all.

Cakes can also be done yourself or by a very helpful friend. You don’t even have to have an actual cake anymore! I am loving doughnut cakes I’ve been seeing around lately. This looks and tastes great but at an affordable price.

 I hope there are some little tips to help you for your big day. It really doesn’t matter how much money you spend. Just do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Lucy <3


So if you have any burning questions, horror stories or anything you want to get off your chest…please email them to

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