Wedding Planning: Dealing with difficult family members


Wedding planning for a lot of people is daunting, throw in there a difficult family member with lots of opinions, and it could end up being an absolute nightmare!!!

But fear not, we have some tips for you on how to deal with those pesky family members and all their strange, unusual, and downright absurd behaviours.

We love our family, and we want them to be involved in the wedding planning process, as for a lot of people they are a huge help! It’s an exciting time for everyone, but sometimes it becomes the opposite.

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Top Tips

Honesty is the best policy!

Whether it be a comment on wedding guest numbers, or strong opinions on the type of dress they think you should wear, you need to be honest with them. Gently explain that it is your wedding and that you want to make sure it is a day that reflects you and your partner. If they have upset you, express this and explain how you want it to be an enjoyable and supportive process.

This is your wedding, and you and your partner have the right to have it exactly how you want. If someone is trying to push you into a decision that you are not happy with, make sure to speak up.

Surround yourself with likeminded people!

If you have a strong group of friends and family who see your vision and respect your choices then you won’t have any issues. When you talk about the wedding, or go to pick your wedding dress, take people who know you and know what you like. Don’t make what is meant to be a wonderful experience turn sour because you’ve brought the wrong people. (I’ve wanted to punch many mums in appointments that are being openly horrible about their own daughters weight). Don’t let them ruin your special time!

Keep wedding talk to a minimum!

If things get very tense, sometimes it is easier to minimise the wedding talk. This means there won’t be room for them to tell you their opinions or try and get involved. I know it seems harsh but if talking to them only makes you frustrated then its best to keep the wedding separate.

Put yourself in their shoes!

They are probably just as excited about this whole process as you are, so take a moment to understand why they are excited but just make sure to not let them take over control. Some parents have their own vision on what their children’s wedding should be and they just can’t understand why it is so different. Some people also can’t envision an alternative wedding as they are so used to seeing traditional ones. Trust me!!! When they see everything come together on the day and how stunning you look in your unique dress, they will LOVE it!

Give them a task!

Setting them up with their own personal task for the wedding will stop the opinions flying around. They will have a purpose and be able to do the task how they want it and be distracted from the rest of the wedding planning.

Don’t involve them!

I know this one is a bit harsh, but if they really are being a nightmare then consider cutting them out of the wedding planning. At the end of the day a wedding is about you and your partner, so you want it to be a reflection of you both, and a day you are happy with, unfortunately if the family member is being a complete nuisance, then this may be the only choice.

Have fun!

Wedding planning is exciting, so try and enjoy the process and set up those boundaries for the difficult members in your family!!

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Photography of my own wedding :) by Megan Elle Photography

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