Welcome to our studio...

Woo! Our tropical studio is complete! 

I've been so excited to show you all our crazy decorated new studio. This is the first time I've been allowed to decorate somewhere exactly how I want...And wow I went nuts. 

This studio is like no other! We have our own tiki bar full of prosecco, tequila and frothy coffee. We have a ton of tropical plants, strange furniture, flamingos and our own cheeky dinosaur called Leon. 

Brides are more then welcome to book an appointment at our studio. We will make sure you have a relaxed and amazing time whilst trying on dresses. Picking your wedding dress is a fun experience and you will find no snooty or bitchy staff. In a relaxing and natural enviroment we will help you the best we can in finding your dream dress. 

Head to our appointment page to book your appointment now!

Our First photo shoot at the studio

We are very excited to show you the photos from our first photo shoot at the newly decorated studio. We had an amazing creative day with some awesome local suppliers. I really had the dream team!

Photography was by the amazing Jodi HanaganI love Jodi's photography style. Her photos are colourful and full of life. She really gets our brand image! and we love working with her. 

Makeup was by my buddy Claire Marie Makeup. Claire created 4 amazing looks for our two beautiful models. The first looks started off with a more subtle but colourful look. The second look had bold colourful eyes which complimented the dip dye dresses perfectly. Claire is always a dream to work with! She's passionate and excited in everything she does. She even had a go at covering up my ginger mug :) 

Hair was by the awesome Emma Tulip. Emma always has amazing and unique ideas for our shoots. I really loved her 1920s styled crimped bob on Megan's awesome two toned hair. the mixture of the colours and retro hair looked fresh and unique. Emma fulfilled Dana's dream of having an afro! it was a long process but wow it was worth it! 

We borrowed some amazing head pieces from Eden B Studio. They worked so well with Emma's hair styles. The afro looked amazing with the Lena hair vine! it gave the afro a really unique look. All of the pieces looked incredible. The headpieces are the perfect accessories for my dresses. The pieces are at my studio for brides to come buy. 

Wow our models Megan Biffin & Dana Jackson were incredible! Both with very different looks but equally suited our dresses. I love how natural, fun and confident these ladies are! We had the most amazing time frolicking around the studio. 

I ordered a custom painted jacket from the amazing Lucky Sew & Sew. It works so well with our colourful shoot.

now onto the photos.... Firstly it was my turn ahh! haha I'm not the most confident posing in front of the camera. I'm never sure what the hell you do with your hands or face but i tried my best. Mostly i just end up doing something stupid and crazy...but that is me :) 

Enjoy the photos <3

Our Tropicana two piece

London Calling


Our Lola dress with a frosty grey dip dye

Ziggy Stardust in Ivory, Emerald & Orange


Heart Of Glass


Soul Love grey skirt & Heatwave top 



Soul Love grey skirt & Queen Bitch lace top 


Moon River 









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