New Lucy Can’t Dance Video Blog Week 11

Well after a few weeks of non stop sewing I have finally got round to making my next weekly video blog!
What have I been up to?
-Having the best time at my best friends wedding
-Making lots and lots of bridesmaid dresses
-Making new Wedding dress designs
-Singing and playing some tropical ukulele

Lucy Can’t Dance @ The Secret Vintage Fair Colchester

This Sunday Lucy Can’t Dance will be selling Clothing and also performing some tropical ukulele at the Secret Vintage fair in Colchester. Come down to have a sneaky look at my new clothing collection.

Colchester High street is having a vintage invasion with lots of vintage stall sellers and entertainment.


A Friendly Guide for being Ginger this summer

A Friendly Guide for being Ginger this summer….

Well Summer time has finally hit us with its fists of fire! And of course that means we like to moan our arses off. Being Ginger is a hard way of life! Not only do we have to put up with the laughs...

Weekly video blog Week 2

So here is the next installment of the Lucy Can’t Dance weekly video Blog. 

What an amazing crazy fun week I’ve had.

I have been making a brand new wedding dress design, Working on some orders, Went to an amazing blues jam night, opened my business bank account, Recorded new...

New Weekly Video Blog Week 1

So I’m Starting a new Lucy Can’t Dance Video blog today.

Every week I will upload a 1 minute clip of what’s been happening with Lucy Can’t Dance throughout the last 7 days. This will include snippets of current projects, designs, music, events and anything mental that happens in my...