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The backless wedding dress is the perfect choice for the bride who really wants to make a statement.

Sexy, daring and altogether eye-catching, the backless wedding dress is the ultimate way to add a touch of drama to your wedding day.

If you’re going for a backless bridal gown, there is a lot to consider. So many styles, different ways to wear and those all-important under-garments that can make it or break it. Follow our backless wedding dress guide for all you need to know when it comes to mastering this adventurous style, one of our most popular lines at Lucy Can’t Dance.

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Flower lace backless wedding dress
Vintage lace backless wedding dress
Modern lace backless wedding dress
Boho lace backless wedding dress

What backless wedding dress styles to choose from?

As backless wedding dress designers we are only too aware of how wonderfully flattering this style can be for any bride. The backless gown is available in an array of silhouettes and styles and, at Lucy Can’t Dance, we’ll tailor your dress to make certain the statement you make is memorable for all the right reasons.

Our popular low back wedding dress styles include:

  • Backless lace wedding dresses
  • Backless boho wedding dresses
  • Deep-cut backless wedding gowns
  • Shallow v-cut backless dresses
  • Illusion backless bridal gowns

Whatever open back wedding dress style you go for, you will feel sexy, elegant and very, very special. Hair up, shoulders relaxed… let’s get ready to rock this look!

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How to wear a
backless wedding dress?

Backless lace wedding dresses are the perfect tease.

Reveal just a little and adorn the rest with a shower of intricately interwoven lace and you’ll nail the look in a picture-perfect way.

Are you a free-spirited bride ready to express your inner romantic? Then a backless boho wedding dress has got to be just the thing for you.

Bohemian wedding gowns are all about soft, flowing lines and floaty fabrics. Couple this with an adventurous backless design and create your very own look.

Elegant backless wedding dress
Festival styled backless wedding dress

Backless wedding gowns can be designed to work within your very own comfort zone.

Go all-out daring with a deep-cut number that slashes right down to the waist, or rein it in a little with a shallow v-cut that reveals just a little.

Illusion backless wedding gowns embrace the best of both worlds by showing off your back through a layer of flesh-coloured sheer fabric, often adorned with pretty lace cut-outs that appear magically suspended.

Whatever your comfort zone, wherever your perfect backless number lies, Lucy Can’t Dance will design your wedding gown around YOU. You’ll look and feel a million dollars with your backless dress tailored to fit your individual curves and nuances.

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What bra to wear with a backless wedding dress?

The leading question for all backless wedding dress brides! How do you get away with a bra when your back is on full show? If you’ve been pondering this point, read on!

The beauty of bespoke backless wedding dresses is that they can be designed around your individual figure, and that means keeping you supported and confident enough to get out on that dance floor ready to boogie the night away! Yes, we’re talking sewn-in bra cups. In other words, in-built engineering that carries you through the day and the night.

Tassled backless wedding dress
Adhesive bra cups icon

Adhesive bra cups

Alternatively, another option when it comes to wearing a backless wedding dress is adhesive bra cups. Go for silicone for the most natural feel. This type of bra will tick the box for plunging necklines as well as low slung backs, but in reality it’s only going to work effectively for the smaller bust and is more for shape than support.

U-plung backless bra Icon

U-plunge backless bra

A u-plunge backless bra usually comes with optional straps and offers underwired support around a plunging neckline. Again this is more suited to the smaller busted bride. Breast petals are another option but these really are more for coverage than support, designed to lift the bust and protect against those chilly moments.

Multi-way bras Icon

Multi-way bras

For the more voluptuous busted figure, you’re going to need something a little more supportive. Low-back multi-way bras offer brilliant support and coverage. The flexible straps can be worn in a number of ways to suit your particular backless wedding dress./p>

Breast lift tape Icon

Breast lift tape

Breast lift tape is another option. It helps to shape the bust and adds support without the need for a bra. Great for A to D cups, the tape is waterproof so perfect for hot nights on the dancefloor or sun-drenched beach or festival weddings.

Backless wedding dress top

What type of underwear to wear with a backless wedding dress?

The answer to this question totally depends on your wedding gown silhouette and of course your beautiful individual shape.

Lots of brides naturally worry about a VPL, but don’t necessarily want to shoe-horn themselves into full-on shapewear that can be restrictive. A nude-toned thong can get around the issue.

There are some seriously specialist undies out there designed specifically for the backless wedding dress. Look out for backless bodies that work to sculpt the figure in a flattering way.

White or nude underwear works best for traditional white or ivory gowns. For slinky gowns, seamless undies will help create an elegant silhouette.

Always take your lingerie with you when you go for your fitting so you can get a true picture of the whole look. Perhaps take a few options with you so you can work out what looks best.

Backless wedding gown insider tips

You’ve chosen your backless wedding gown style, you’ve sorted your underwear, now it’s time to perfect the whole look with a dash of accessorising.

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If a backless wedding gown is YOUR thing and you have your heart set on a daring number for your big day, make your first stop Lucy Can’t Dance. This is the place where you’ll get precisely what you have always dreamt of in terms of perfect fit, style and, well, backless gorgeousness!

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