Meet the team

Lucy Roe

Lucy Roe

Job Role: Company Director & pretty much every other role in the business.

Likes: David Bowie, Peas & Espresso Martinis.

Dislikes: Orange juice with bits in, changing duvet covers, hairy legged bastard spiders & beige.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: Lucy Can’t Dance is my baby! I love coming to work with all my friends, listening to crime podcasts and stuffing my face with Panini’s. I feel like I still have to pinch myself! I cannot believe this is my job. I love designing wedding dresses and meeting all our lovely brides.

Lucy Eldridge

Lucy Eldridge

Job Role: Head seamstress, appointment coordinator,chief technician (when we want to throw the machines out the window) & bringer of mini cheddars.

Likes: Singing like no one can hear, caffeine, snorty belly laughs & ruining/changing my hair colour constantly.

Dislikes: Crumbs in the butter, narrow minds, soggy chips & show offs.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: Helping brides feel confident, comfortable and sassy! Working with them to realise their dress dreams for their big day! Working with such a lovely team of ladies in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Chris Roe

Chris Roe

Job Role: Accounts Master & King Cutter

Likes: Beer, Shoes, Cars, Making people jump.

Dislikes: Things going in my belly button, Butterflies, Spinach.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: Working for my lovely wife, being close to Taco Bell and learning lots new skills. Everyone is a good laugh!

Sally Cumberworth

Sally Condliffe

Job Role: Seamstress, Appointment Coordinator & face of LCD

Likes: Plants, magnolia trees, decaf coffee, blush pink, red wine & being near water.

Dislikes: Disorganised chaos, seeing people sad & not getting stuff done quickly!

Favourite thing about working at LCD: Coming in every day to the most wonderful, funny, caring people and making beautiful dresses that make people feel amazing! I feel very blessed to have this job and greatful to Lucy for believing in me.

Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones

Job Role: Seamstress, Appointment Coordinator & Queen of Slips.

Likes: The colour purple, cows & sweet potatoes.

Dislikes: Jeans (they’re so uncomfortable), liars, humans that make it their mission to put you down.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: I love my job so it's difficult to pick my favourite thing, but definitely the fact that everyone I work with is on the same wave length as me, weird in their own special ways. I feel so at home and welcomed at work and feel like a little family. I also love sewing, but I kind of have to being a seamstress. Haha!

Annie Barford

Annie Barford

Job Role: Seamstress & Appointment Coordinator.

Likes: Being outside, baking & cheese

Dislikes: Spiders, Feet & Carol Baskin.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: I love everything about my job, I love that I get to help create such beautiful dresses for our lovely brides. My favourite thing about working at LCD is definitely the people I work with, we are always laughing about something, and of course the Bowie cuddles are a wonderful bonus!

Dominic Leonard

Dominic Leonard

Job Role: Duke Of Digital.

Likes: Snowboarding, ridiculously hot holidays, Peanut Butter, Bombay Mix & laughing

Dislikes: Dusting, fricking hate it! Negative people

Favourite thing about working at LCD: The constant positive and pro-active vibe. We're always looking to improve and grow the business which is a fantastic thing to be part of.

Bowie Mcfluffybutt

Bowie Mcfluffybutt

Job Role: Head of Human Resources, Chief of Security & head face licker.

Likes: Belly strokes, barking at pigeons & eating.

Dislikes: The dreaded hoover, not getting belly rubs because people are working & plastic bags that blow in the wind.

Favourite thing about working at LCD: Licking everyone’s faces while they work, Playing fetch, meeting lots of lovely brides and demanding belly rubs.