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We had an amazing time making beautiful Vicky's wedding dress. Vicky went for our Pulp Fiction dress with a dusky pink dip dye. It's been so lovely getting to know Vicky and her wedding photos look amazing! We love her unicorn head! She is definitely a crazy LCD bride :D We love it! 


Thank you so much for agreeing to be my dress designer. It felt weird to say goodbye when I picked up the dress as we'd put so much love and thought into it. From dip dye samples to how hours of staring at lace. 
You've been amazing, and made choosing my dress one of my most favourite things about organising my wedding. I miss hanging out and going through your rails of designs.
Everyone loved my dress and said it was very 'me'. Subtly different. 
So thank you, thank you, thank you! Your creative approach, intuitive mind and feminist heart makes you the perfect wedding dress designer!
I hope we get to hang out soon! Someone needs to make me bridesmaid so I can bring them to your studio 😉.
Heaps of love
Vicky xxx